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Wedding season is about to hit it’s peak, and preparations for our brides to be, are already in full swing. Let’s look at how to provide the perfect pre-wedding experience to your customers and how to make it as stress free as possible for you and them.

The Perfect Wedding Nails

The hands are a focal point of any wedding, you want your clients hands looking healthy and ready to be photographed but there really are no rules when it comes to nail art. Whether it’s a classic French, Baby Boomers, or something different altogether, your clients choice of wedding nails are completely individual and suited to them and their wedding theme. Consider having a section in your Insta highlights, a Facebook album or a place on your website specifically for your brides to browse and gain inspiration. Remember to include the not so obvious choices for those brides looking for something less traditional. Here’s a few of our favourite bridal looks.

@nailsbymets @thenaildresser

@meganflanneryy @nailykayley

Start Prepping Early

If your bride is a regular client, get her thinking about it way ahead of time so that you are well prepared and her nails and hands are looking their best for her big day. Use the time in the lead up to consider if she would like natural nails, an overlay or acrylics and what length she would like, this way you can manage and meet her expectations. Get her using her cuticle oil daily and perhaps even schedule a couple of luxury manicures in the appointments prior to the wedding. Don’t forget the feet! Get those feet looking and feeling great with regular pedicures and let her know to be considering if she would like a design which compliments her hands.

Bridal Party Packages

An ever popular request is for the whole bridal party to have their nails done together as part of the pre wedding experience. You may wish to block out a day or evening depending on the party size, and provide a package or deal whereby it encourages more of the party to book. You can also partner up with a fellow tech or salon member to tackle those larger wedding parties.

Custom Blends & Bespoke Services

A great way of making the bride feel that extra bit special is by offering a bespoke service. You can make custom blend colours using Lecenté Create gel polish and also custom glitter mixes with our loose glitters. Don’t forget to charge accordingly.

Make room for the Groom!

It’s not just the brides that need our services, the grooms will be in need of some pampering too. A luxury manicure will ensure his hands picture perfect for the big day.

Finishing Touches

Sometimes it’s just that little personal touch that makes all the difference. Consider how you can make the experience you offer, one which will leave your bride feeling special and well taken care of. It may be a wedding card, a bottle of cuticle oil to take away, or just your well wishes. Their experience is your advertisement and one great experience can lead to many more brides, choosing to leave their hands in yours, for one of the most important days of their lives.

Nicola Leadbeater of Phoenix Nails & Beauty has become the first to complete all 5 of our Signature Workshop to claim her status as a Lecenté Pro Artiste.

Nicola blitzed her way through all 5 workshops in just 2 weeks and produced some amazing work!

Here Nicola Shares her fantastic results from the workshops as well as her experience of taking part.

Do you want to become a Lecenté Pro Artiste?

To Join Nicola in becoming a Lecenté Pro Artiste you will need to complete all 5 of our signature workshops.

Custom Blend– Elevate your services by Custom Blending colours. Experience the endless possibilities of colour creation and tailoring your colours for client perfection.

Fine Lines & Detailing- Learn techniques such as brush control and how to load your brushes correctly. Learn to create perfect crisp lines and detail within your work.

Glitters & Pigments- There is only one way to apply glitters and pigments, right? …….Wrong! There are various ways in which glitters and pigments can be used to create an array of different looks and textures in your designs.

Foils & Shimmer Films

Foils and Shimmer Films can be used for so much more than a full cover on a nail. Discover how to think outside the box with these products, and how to get the most eye-catching designs that can be fit in your standard appointment time.


A firm favourite technique that is here to stay, but one technique does not fit all. Learn multiple ways to create this effect and how best to tailor it to suit your design or clients’ requirements.

On completion you will not only be awarded with your new Pro Artiste status but also receive our Pro Artiste watermark to display on your future creations.

Find our list of available Signature Workshops here, you can choose a different Educator each time and get to know the Lecenté Education Team!

Lady Whistledown’s



Dearest Readers,

I expect many of you have already immersed yourselves in the new season but for those of you that have not, you shall not find any gossip or scandal here. If however you are longingly searching for some Bridgerton themed nail inspiration, then allow yourself to become enthralled by the glorious examples of regency style and delicate floral designs. The perfect solution for creating a Bridgerton worthy aesthetic. Though the search for this seasons diamond has already come to an end, we have of course added some sophisticated high society sparkle of our own.

Yours Truly

Lady Whistledown


Introducing some of our favourite Characters with their perfect partner of Lecenté Create polish. You can create a full Bridgerton inspired look with the suggested nail art additions.

Lecenté Water Lily Nail Art Foil

Keeping it delicate for Daphne with a cool blue gel polish in Tilt A Whirly, dainty sparkles with Pearl Chunky Glitter & the perfectly dreamy Water Lily Foil.

Spring Flowers Nail Art Foillove-bug

Popcorn Party is the perfect fit for Penelope, complete this bright, cheerful look with Spring Flowers Foil and Love Bug Multi Glitz.


Colin is simply dashing in his grey, black attire! Partnering Dancing in the Moonlight with Black Foil and Galaxy Stardust for added dazzle.

Eloise is an understated, demure beauty so we’ve complimented her style with the ever popular Hygge Hugs, Light Pink Flowers Foil & Jade Multi Glitz.


Head of the family Anthony displays a confident persona with a rich, sharp, powerful appearance. You couldn’t find a better match for him than Soho, a deep navy gel polish, teamed with Orbit Stardust and our velvety Matte Top Coat for that added touch of class.


Queen Charlotte, dignified but commanding, a woman of true power. We think the rich tones of Bordeaux Ultra fine Glitter against the light navy Sweater Weather with added accents of Bright Gold Foil are a perfect portrayal of the Queen.


Why not try using some of the suggested combos to create your own Bridgerton set, or try recreating one of the looks below from some of our super talented Educators & Ambassadors.


A welcome injection of colour has exploded onto the Lecenté scene this Spring, with the arrival of the Lecenté Ink collection.

These 8 bold nail art inks will give your nail art kit a new lease of life. Create quick, colourful on-trend designs that your clients will love.


deep green nail art inkdeep blue nail art ink


Dinky by name but not by nature, a bold, unmissable green ink! Seen here with Slinky, a deep blue toned ink that is sure to make a splash. Team them up together and let them create waves.


White Nail Art InkWhite Nail Art Ink


Not always causing a racket, clink can create a gentle whistle amongst the clouds. We just love its subtly and calming influence in this design.


Deep red nail art inkYellow Nail Art Ink


Check out this power house of a partnership! Kinky- a red hot nail art ink sharing the limelight with Blink- a vivid yellow ink. They are a flaming combination that you won’t want to miss!



neon pink nail art inkA bold purple nail art ink



Can you feel the electric energy between Pinky and Wink? A truly compatible duo capable of creating high voltage sets like this!



orange nail art ink


Inky is a rich orange nail art ink that can stand out amongst the crowd! Some say less is more, we say when it comes to Inks…the more the merrier!

Do you want to learn more about Lecenté Inks and how to create some amazing nail art looks? Why not book onto one of our Ink workshops, available to purchase now!

Lecenté Inks are available to purchase now for £6.99 +VAT

Are you a lover or a loather of Valentines nails? It doesn’t have to be all hearts and flowers. Here’s our top picks for Valentines 2022!

This simple chic, foil detailed set are really speaking the language of love to us.

📸 By @eekabeauty

Get the look with a nude base colour such as Spill the confetti, teamed with Bright Gold Foil. Use our Foil Gel and D2 brush for the lettering detail.


The ultimate classic red manicure for those traditional valentines Nails.


📸 By Lecenté Educator @clairehowardnaildesign

Get the look with Carnaby & Black Magic Create Gel Polish with added accents of Cutie Pie Multi Glitz Glitter & Red Holographic Lines Foil.


A Rainbow of hearts with this on-trend pastel manicure

📷@emilygeernailartistry Lecenté Partner & Educator

Choose a selection of pastels and contrasting bright colours for the mini hearts to recreate this gorgeous set.


Squeeze The Day , Easy As Pie, Let Them Eat Cake, Don’t Trifle With Me & Mint To Be


Say it with flowers with this transparent floral foil set.


📷 Lecenté Partner @jenski.nails

Achieve this full coverage foil effect with Lecenté Foil Gel & Red Rose Nail Art Foil.


A dream come true for Disney lovers with this Lady & The Tramp/Mickey & Minnie mash up!

                                                                     📷 Lecenté Partner @amandatrivett using Indigo Iridescent, Everest Super Holo & Golden White Iridescent Glitters.

Did you know our Create Gel Polish colours are great for use as nail art paints? They are highly pigmented and fully mixable allowing you to create custom colours.


Rage against romance with this alternative fancy flame design!

📷 @bedof.nails

Recreate this set using our Create Gel Polish in shades Carnaby & White Magic on a nude base. Our S1 Brush is perfect for creating the flame design.

How often are you talking to your clients about aftercare?

Are you confident that your clients know how to care for their nails after their service has been completed?

You may have your aftercare instructions on a leaflet, or in a section on your website, but if you asked your client, would they have read and remembered the information on it? More importantly are they following the advice on it?

Aftercare is as important as the service itself, after all if you had a shiny new car and you took it down a dirt track, scuffed it on a lamp post or ran it out of fuel, your shiny new car won’t be staying very shiny or very functional for very long.


What’s there to talk about?


Jewels Not Tools-We all have clients that are heavy handed or those that think their nails are indestructible. Whilst their nail will withstand many everyday tasks, they aren’t indestructible. Teach your clients the common nail gremlins, things like ring pulls on drinks cans, Sellotape and tapping their nails on hard surfaces.

Gloves-Wearing gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening will offer your clients protection from chemicals, lifting, chipping and dulling.

Alcohol Gels & Sun Creams-Let your clients know to always remove Alcohol Gels and Sun Creams from the nail plate and underneath the free edge of the nail, by thoroughly wiping after use. This is to prevent dis-colouration and stops these products decreasing the longevity of their manicure.

Filing & Removal-Your clients visit you because you are a professionally trained nail tech, let them know to always return to you for removal or repairs. Clients that start filing their own nails, will break the seal of the free edge and this will often lead to chipping and lifting. Those that opt for home removal, run the risk of causing great damage to their natural nails.

Cuticle Oil-Needs to be applied by your clients at least twice a day, it nourishes the nail and surrounding skin, preventing dehydration and providing strength.


Retail Products


You can also use this opportunity to let your customers purchase products from you, that will help them to maintain their freshly applied nails. Things like cuticle oils and hand-creams. Lecenté Cuticle Oil is a great way to start, if this isn’t a service that you already offer to your clients.

Lecenté Cuticle Oil is a lemongrass scented skin & nail oil with sunflower seed oil, calendula flower oil, jojoba, vitamin E and aloe vera. A non-greasy formula, when used twice a day, it will not only keep the coating flexible – preventing early service breakdown, but will deeply moisturise the nail and surrounding skin, accelerating nail growth and all round improvement of nail and skin health.  Available to purchase at £3.99+VAT with a RRP of £9.95.

So next time you have a client sat in the chair and you are chatting about their weekend or catching up since their last appointment, start making aftercare a part of your conversation. It’s not about berating the client about what they are not doing. It’s taking the opportunity to teach them the reasons behind why, they should invest the time in thinking about making their aftercare a part of their everyday routine, so that it in time it becomes second nature to them.



Want to know more about the new Lecenté Fibre Gel?

What does it do?

Why do you need it?

Let’s get all your questions answered and find out why the techs who trialled Lecenté Fibre Gel would now be lost without it.


What is it?

Lecenté Create Fibre Gel is a HEMA free soak-able builder and base gel for all nail types, especially weaker nails. Made up of thousands of tiny fibre pieces that interlock over each other to create a super strong nail structure. It can be used in 1-2 layers as a base or to build structure. It’s flexible, self-levelling, in-fillable and lasts 2-3 weeks.


Why do I need it?

Do you have…

A client who just can’t wear gel polish, they return after a few days or a week with chipping or lifting?

A client with weak nails who really wants to grow their own natural nails?

A clients whose natural nails are prone to splits or breakages that often require repairs?


We all want to find a solution for our clients and that means tailoring our service to meet their needs. Sometimes a client needs something a little stronger, more hardwearing, more flexible, sometimes a client needs Fibre Gel.


How will it help my clients?

Fibre Gel offers superior adhesion which will help with those clients prone to lifting.

It’s impact resistant which will help with those clients who are more heavy handed, preventing chipping.

It smooths, so it can help those clients with an uneven nail plate or those that lack structure.

It repairs, you can repair breakages as well as building very short extensions for those with broken corners.

Its flexible, meaning it mimics the natural nail which offers strength, especially helpful for those clients wanting to grow their natural nails.


I already have Lecenté Builder Gel, why do I need this too?

Whilst the Builder Gel is a harder gel making it great for creating those longer extensions, the Fibre Gel offers greater flexibility on the natural nail making it stronger on weaker natural nails. There is no need to replace one for the other they both have their place in your kit and for your individual client’s needs.


Lecenté Fibre Gel is a professional only product, available to purchase from Monday 24th January. Priced at £15.99 in shades Nearly Clear, Milky Pink & Milky White.

Let’s get into the holiday spirit the Lecenté way with this ultimate seasonal selection.

First things first we’re deckin’ the halls with an array of brightly coloured Spangle Foils…

Gold Spangle, Orange Spangle, Lilac Spangle, Lime Spangle and Silver Spangle. 

Gold Spangle Nail Art FoilOrange Spangle Nail Art FoilLilac Spangle Nail Art Foil Lime Spangle Nail Art FoilSilver Spangle Nail Art Foil

These bright spangle patterned foils are going to give you endless nail art opportunities this Christmas, they really are the gift that keeps on giving. From Foil sandwiches, to a splash of each colour, or if you want that flawless full cover effect you see here you can use our foil gel to create it.

Then it’s time to get dressed to impress adding some glitz and glamour with our six new Holographic Multi Cut Glitters…

Auburn Holographic, Black Holographic, Brass Holographic, Chestnut Holographic, Pewter Holographic and Darkest Pink Holographic all in a Multi Glitz cut! 

Auburn Holographic GlitterBlack Holographic Multi GlitzChestnut Holographic Glitter Pewter Holographic GlitterDarkest Pink Holographic Multi Glitz

This collection offers sugar and spice with it’s warm, rich tones, giving the most spectacular sparkle, they are just perfect for the party season. Have you tried sugaring our glitters using Layer it! Yet? If not Christmas is a great time to start.

Lastly you’ll find us indulging in some classic Christmas Cocktails or a winter warmer with a special Lecenté twist! 6 stunning festive glitter gels….

Cherry Martini, Jack Frost, Coco Fizz, Crème De Menthe, Black Russian and Gingerbread Latte. 

Cherry Martini Gel PolishCoCo FizzCoco Fizz Gel Polish Creme De Menthe Gel PolishBlack Russian Gel PolishGingerbread Latte Gel Polish

There’s something for everyone with this festive ensemble, from the outgoing to the understated, we’ve got you covered. These super sparkly gel polishes look great all on their own, used for nail art or even layered over some of our one coat Create colours to change up the look. These are going to see you through all year round, glitter is for life…not just for Christmas.

The Holiday Spirit Collection is available from Thursday 25th November from 

Love Lecenté xx

Today our Educator Claire Howard will be taking you through how to apply our brand new Lecenté in Paris collection! Follow Claire HERE!

Autumn brings six new beautiful Lecenté colours 4 of which are semi translucent / sheers Palais-Royal, Odette, Versailles and Montmartre.

These colours are suppose to be sheer/semi translucent, this means they are not for a full coverage colour, they are that beautiful semi translucent healthy nail glow colour which are just amazing for French manicures and a very natural fresh finish to a gel polish. They give an amazing healthy glowing look to the nail.

They are very different to the very pigmented Lecenté Create colours that we have become accustomed to, so when we read one coat coverage on these bottle, yes you can of course still use them as a one coat system but please remember that one coat will have a sheer/semi translucent finish!

But what if we want more colour and depth?

Yes we can do that. By layering up these beautiful sheers we will get a more in depth solid colour.
It is essential to understand that this more in depth solid colour has to be achieved by applying multiple layers maybe 2/3 coats. You will not achieve this effect in the one coat as to do this you would be applying a very thick layer which could cause the following to happen:

-Gel running onto and around the cuticle and surrounding skin a messy application and skin contact which we very much need to avoid.
-Heat Spikes when you cure
-An incomplete cure leaving uncured gel in the center of the nail coating.
-Product touching the skin and uncured product can lead to service breakdown and unhappy customers but most importantly can lead to product allergies. Please remember the products are only designed for nail application.

Versailles One Coat Applied.

Versailles Two Coats Applied.
The Finished Application, Versailles Two Coats with Base and Topcoat To Natural Nails.
I hope this helps with the application of your absolutely stunning new Lecenté Shades which in my opinion are just the best thing ever to land at Lecenté.
My customers adore them both as a sheer and slightly more layered up look.
Experiment practice and enjoy these colours there is so much to Create with them.
Here are a few of my Sets using the New Collection.
Odette Two Coats with a Bright White French Tip.
Palais Royal 2 Coats
applied over acrylic nails.
Palais Royal One Coat on Natural nails with French Finish.

Creating content is without a doubt my favourite part of my job. It was something that I never put much thought into until the first lockdown, when I had more time and decided to put all my time and effort into my social media, which turned out to be one of the best things I ever did.

I had never really had the chance to put that kind of effort into my content and social media before so I wasn’t aware of the possibilities that could come of it.

My everyday work on clients usually consists of a classic French or maybe a bright red if they are feeling adventurous, so to actually have the time to be creative with my designs was so much fun. I surprised myself with some of the design concepts and content I came up. I discovered a whole other side to our industry and I fell in love with it! And the fact that I can make an income from doing something I love so much is amazing.

Content creating is something that people make look effortless, however, the work that goes into a 30 second reel is much more than it seems. Some of my videos have taken me a full day to create; from coming up with the design idea, then applying it (sometimes failing numerous times), then finally creating something I am happy with. Then I have to move on to the editing process; putting it all together in a video with music – some videos flow really well and come out perfect the first time, others need to be played around with. My working day sometimes starts at 5am and I can still be going at certain times of the evenings just to catch the right lighting which I actually look forward to, I think that’s when you know you are passionate about your job.
I might also throw a few paddy’s on my slightly off days when I feel like every design is going wrong and I’m suffering with a case of ‘Artist block’ but it always turns out ok in the end. I think I’m my own worst critic and some things aren’t always as bad as I see them. I try to get some honest opinions and feedback of my ideas before I submit them if I’m a bit unsure – which is usually from my mum and best friend (I think I drive them mad!).

Coming up with ideas can be the easiest or most difficult part of the whole process. Some days I am bursting with ideas and some days my mind goes blank. I always have something to hand to make a note of an idea as soon as it pops into my head before I forget, it’s not unusual for these ideas to pop up in the middle night.
My notes in my phone are full of them. I have albums full of inspirational screenshots, you would be amazed at some of the stuff you can get inspiration from when you put your mind to it. You don’t need to solely search nail designs to get ideas, I have had inspiration from wallpaper, books, clothing patterns, crystals and even cocktail cans! Be open minded, the nail art world is endless!

Without a doubt I love creating content, even if it sometimes takes a while. Seeing some of the stuff I have created and the end result all put together in a video and seeing people’s reactions to them once they have been uploaded is massively rewarding!

Content creator Kit list:

  • Good daylight table lamp. I use the slimline daylight lamp from salons direct I also like to use a ring light for some videos too depending what time of day I’m filming.
  • Large clean background. There’s some amazing backdrops you can buy, however, my favourite thing to use is a big tile; I have a couple in different shades. They are easy to keep clean and easy to store and you can get pretty much any style.
  • Tripod. You definitely don’t need to spend a lot on one of these. My favourite one so far has been £10 from Amazon.
  • Camera. I find it best to use my iPhone, I’m so used to it and it means I always have my projects with me for some editing while I’m on the move. I am currently using the IPhone 11 Pro Max (I like a big screen)
    The camera on the new iPhones are amazing and you can change the setting to 4K which makes your videos so clear!
  • Magnetic nail art stand. You can get these so cheap from Amazon and they also come in some really cool colours – I have a load of these. I keep some just for filming so they are nice and clean and I have a load for practicing on, those not so clean!
  • Blue tack. I use blue tack to stick the tips to the nail art stands while practicing however for the real video I like to use extra strong glue dots, they don’t stand out as much as blue tack. They sell them in most supermarkets.
  • Nail tips. I bulk buy these from Amazon and they do so many shapes and lengths.

Top Tips

  • Make sure all products used are cleaned, all polish bottles, glitter/ chrome pots!
  • Background – keep tile clean especially after chromes and glitters, it sticks everywhere.
  • Ensure the lens on your camera is cleaned every time before you start filming, you will be amazed at how a finger print or piece of dust can effect the quality of your video.
  • Make sure tips are finished nicely and everything in the area is pristine and all the products that are in the picture are necessary.
  • Music – ensure you have the rights to your music. Most video editing apps have plenty of free music for you to choose from, however, if you are wanting to use a certain song make sure you have purchased it from iTunes. Anything screen recorded and not paid for will be picked up when you post them by Instagram or Facebook/ TikTok and they will remove your content.

What’s in a brand?

Your business name is one of your most valuable assets! Its most likely the first thing a prospective client sees, they instantly form an opinion of who you are and what you do. Once they have become a client, when recommending you it is the name they shout about and tell all their friends. This is your brand. You! It’s a symbol of your reputation and if a competitor starts using your name you most likely won’t be happy about it!

Il set the scene: My name is Theresa, but most know me as The Naildresser®. Did you see that little ‘R’ there? Well, that is because my business name is a registered trademark. Many, many years ago my client’s little boy referred to me as ‘The Naildresser’ and it just stuck! My hard work in the industry had experienced some reach, my work and presence recognised in many places not just locally, and I was very aware my nickname was unique. After some years, I had investigated trademarking my brand – I would have been instantly heartbroken if someone down the road set up with my name and what harm that could cause me if they were not up the standard I had set for the brand I had built.

After some research, I instructed a patent lawyer, its not as scary as it sounds, but I wanted to make sure I did this right as I had no idea about how to begin such an application. I must admit it is very straight forward and swift, providing there is no one registered with your name. Not only had I registered The Naildresser® but I registered varying options so there was no loopholes, e.g. The Nail Dresser®. I will not bore you with the entire process, but none the less my applications were successful, and I was the proud legal owner of my very own trademarks!

Over the years there has been businesses set up with my name, one in particular caused me a lot of grief. Although they were at the other end of the country to me, I started to experience a lot of ‘No Shows’, great for the other business but frustrating for me! Clients were thinking they were another branch of my salons – ‘booking there’ but using my online booking platform. I was losing out financially and the client was not getting The Naildresser Service they thought they booked for. One time it was the other way round, they booked on the other business platform and arrived at my salon. I felt terrible as we run full most of the time, and I had to turn her away. I was so embarrassed. This business was blissfully unaware of my existence, as they had clearly not checked the trademark register when setting up their business, they may have seen me through social media, as I owned the main handles, but perhaps not considered any implications. It was not until my patent lawyer had got in touch the situation came to light.

What is a Trademark?

A registered Trademark gives you exclusive right to use your business name, nationwide, and use in the sectors that you identified in your registration. There are many classes but for example, Class 44 includes services, nail, and beauty salons etc, and you can register your trademark in as many classes as you wish. By having this registration, it allows you to enforce your trademark through the court system.

If someone is using your trademark this is considered unlawful and Copyright Infringement. Permission must always be granted for the use of a registered trademark. I would recommend contacting any offending business directly to resolve the issue but if this approach is not welcomed then you can enforce your rights by issuing a Cease-and-Desist Letter.

Check the Trademark register!

You can check your brand name on the national trademark register to see if it already exists. I cannot recommend this enough, and this quick and easy check is often completely overlooked in the excitement of setting up your business. If a word, phrase or even image exists in the same classification of your business sector then you cannot use it.

How much is a trademark application?

A Standard application is £170 for one trademark in one class. Each extra class is £50.

If you enrol the help of a patent lawyer then additional fees will apply, but they will do the entire process for you.

Trademark registration takes around 4 months and Trademarks must be renewed every 10 years, do not risk a lapse, enabling someone to take all your hard work, if someone else owns it – you have to change your business name!

Trademark register: Instagram: @thenaildresser Facebook:

Six brand new Foils have landed on the Lecenté website and they are absolutely gorgeous if we do say so ourselves! These bright, holographic Foils are sure to be a hit now in the Summer and leading up to the Winter. Let’s get to know each one a little better…

turquoise floral foil

Turquoise Floral – A turquoise blue holographic foil with large over laying flowers on a repeat pattern. 

Silver waves foil nail

Silver Waves – A holographic silver foil with a wave effect. 

red holo lines nail art foil

Red Holographic Lines – An even lined pronounced pattern in holographic red 

purple kaleidoscope nail art foil

Purple Kaleidoscope – multi coloured metallic foil that is predominately purple in appearance. Colours fade  into the next, Plum to bronze to purple to blue to green to gold to orange. 

lime green holo lines nail art foil

Lime Green Holographic Lines – An even lined pronounced pattern in holographic lime 

bronze mermaid nail art foil

Bronze Mermaid – A summer bronze holographic mermaid scale pattern foil that when twisted in the light gives hues of the rainbow. 

We can’t wait to see your amazing designs with these foils! Let us know your favourites on our social media and don’t forget to tag us in your creations @lovelecente