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GET THE LOOK: Rose Gold Christmas Hearts

300 80
by Rich Dean

This cute Christmas nail art design is a perfect offering for your clients over the Christmas period and Fie Pedersen shows us how to re-create…

  1. Apply your chosen colour and finish with topcoat and wipe tacky layer
  2. Create a glitter paste by mixing Lecenté Layer It! with Lecenté Rose Gold ultra fine glitter (3:1 ratio)
  3. Using the Lecenté D3 detailer brush paint the glitter hearts and cure
  4. Using the Lecenté D3 detailer brush outline the hearts with a white gel polish and flash cure
  5. Paint Vertical lines on the hearts and flash cure
  6. Paint horizontal lines on the hearts and small dots (using a dotting tool) and flash cure
  7. Using the Lecenté S1 striping brush, paint ultra thin lines above the hearts and flash cure
  8. Using the D3 detailer brush paint small handles and flash cure
  9. Add small dots to the lines to finish and cure fully
  10. Top coat and cure

We hope you love giving this design a go!!

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