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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Lecenté Create?

  • Up to 3 weeks of high-performance wear
  • Non-fading colours, DEET, sun cream, chlorine and bleach resistant
  • Each coating only needs 30 seconds to cure*
  • Exceptional high shine
  • Highly pigmented
  • A HEMA free range of gel polish colours and base and top coats*
  • Any HEMA products contain a very safe level
  • Strengthening gel coating system
  • Non-thickening formula: polish will never change consistency due to no solvents or alcohol being present
  • Shelf life of 24 months PAO*
  • Newest, unique gel technology on the market only available by Lecenté

*with the exception of our rainbow gel polish (6 Shades) some Glitter Gel Polish, Solid Bond Base Coat, Soak Off Top Coat and Foil Gel. These contain a safe amount all in line with Cosmetic Regulations.

How does the Lecenté Create Top Coat compare to others on the market?

The Lecenté Create topcoat has inbuilt strengtheners that add extra durability to nails allowing up to 3 weeks wear. Added resins provide the nail with flexibility, to prevent chipping. Topcoat is 50% thicker than standard top coats and will still retain a thin and natural look. Apply a good layer for an exceptionally high gloss and seal free edges.

Lecenté Create top coat is a non-wipe formula that cures in 30 seconds in the Lecenté UV/LED lamp.

How many services are inside each bottle?

  • Base coat – 56 (based on 1 coat application)
  • Top coat – 56 (based on 1 coat application)
  • Colour – 56 (based on 1 coat application)
  • Glitter/Rainbow/Effects – 28 (based on a 2 coat application)

Which Lecenté Products have HEMA in them?

Our Rainbow Gel Polishes (6 Shades) Some Glitter Gels*, Solid Bond Base Coat, Soak Off Top Coat and Foil Gel all have a safe level of HEMA in line with Cosmetic Regulations.

*Please see the individual listings for more information on HEMA percentages.

How will you know which type of product is inside the bottle?

Each bottle has its name, cure time and composition (glitter, opalescent, shimmer, crème, opaque, special effect etc.) listed on the label.

What does the Lecenté Base Coat do?

It provides a strong smooth surface for Lecenté Create colours and effects. It also provides strength for weaker nails.

Do I have to use the Lecenté Create Base Coat?

Lecenté Base Coat is not required on the following

  • Nail enhancements
  • Overlays

When should I use the Lecenté Create Base Coat?

The Lecenté Create base coat must be used on natural nails that do not have a prior coating after nail preparation has taken place.

What is the Lecenté Create Colour Coat?

It is a super intense colour coat which contains a high level of pigments. Create colour coats are created by a unique pigmentation process that is unique to Lecenté. Colours can be added over a finished nail enhancement without the use of a base coat, applied in the traditional nail polish way, or applied directly to very strong natural nails or toes.

What are the Lecenté Create Rainbow Coats?

These are gel polishes in the Create product range that contain glitters of varying sizes and effects.

At what stage should I apply the Lecenté Create Rainbow Coats?

After base coat and before top coat, you can also apply over a colour coat if you so wish.

Can I use the Lecenté Create Rainbow Coats as a Top Coat?

No, we have a protective top coat for this purpose.

How many layers of the Rainbow Coat can I use?

Two coats will provide an opaque finish but there are no limits in usage. The Lecenté Create system is totally flexible for the nail technician and the client. Additional coats will affect the removal time.

Why do the current Rainbow Gels and Some Glitter Gels have a HEMA base?

To achieve the perfect linear effect of the holographic glitters, a base containing less than 12% HEMA works perfectly to get the glitter to sit ‘flat’ within the formula. Create rainbow gel polish and glitter gel should be used in between the Create base and top coat which are both are HEMA free. Should your client have a HEMA allergy, the same effects can be created by using the Lecenté Nail Shadows and Rainbow powder.

What is the Lecenté Create Top Coat?

A dry surface top coat designed specifically for use with the Lecenté Create system. Provides flawless shine for up to three weeks. Non-yellowing, non-porous top coat suitable for all nail types.  

What does the Lecenté Create Top Coat do?

Provides the best finishing protective coat for the Lecenté Create system. Strong and super shiny. Seals Lecenté base, colour, loose glitters etc to provide up to 3 weeks wear.

Why do you need Top Coat?

Total protection for all nail types. Has inbuilt resin strengthening to help withstand damage.

What are the benefits of the Lecenté Create Top Coat?

DEET, sun cream, chlorine, curry and bleach resistant (excluding hair dye). The formula will continue to develop over the 3 week period ensuring perfect nails. Protects colours from harsh sunlight to stop fading. HEMA and solvent-free*, non-yellowing and non-porous.

Can the Lecenté Create Base Coat, Top Coat and Colours Coats be cured in any UV Lamp?

For a full and proper cure, the Lecenté Create system must be cured in Lecenté’s LED/UV lamp for 30 seconds (rainbow gel polish 60 seconds). The Lecenté Create system has been manufactured and tested for use with the Lecenté LED/UV Lamp only. Smooth It! and Layer It! and Rainbow Gels times remain unchanged.

Can I use the Lecenté Create system with other Gel brands?

We have not tested the Lecenté Create system with any other brands.

Can the Lecenté Create system be used with enhancements and overlays (Liquid & Powder and Gel)


Will the Lecenté Create system last longer than 28 days?

If being worn over the top of nail enhancements, overlays and toenails the Lecenté Create system may go over 28 days without issue. We still recommend that new colour is applied between 14-21 days depending on client lifestyle, growth etc. Lecenté Create is ideal for customers who cannot commit to regular appointments.

Does the Top Coat make the nail stronger after removal?

No, it is used purely to protect colour, nails will return to their original condition after removal.

How many LED lights are in the Lecenté UV/LED Lamp?

36 LEDS.

What are the benefits of the Lecenté UV/LED lamp?

  • Thoroughly tested and developed for the Lecenté Create system.
  • Automatic sensor
  • Detachable base plate for toes
  • Light – mobile friendly
  • Low heat mode
  • 50,000 hours of usage

What is the last button on the Lecenté UV/LED lamp for? (99s)

Low heat mode (for future products).

What is the shelf life of the Lecenté Create products once opened?

12-24 months

What size are the Lecenté Create bottles?

12ml (New collection launches from March 2023 will be 15ml) Please see individual listings for bottle size.

How long does it take to cure the Lecenté Create Base Coat?

30 seconds.

How should I apply the Lecenté Create Base Coat?

Apply thinly onto the nail and cap all edges.

Can I build in additional strength using a thicker layer of Lecenté Create Base Coat?

Yes, but the removal time will be greatly increased. We recommend a coat of Smooth It! after base coat as it is specially designed for this purpose. For customers who do not have Smooth It!, 2 top coats can be used.

Can I use more than one coat of colour?

Yes. This may be particularly useful for new/inexperienced nail technicians. Clients with very short nail beds or clients with exceptionally long nail beds. Some additional strength can be achieved by additional coats of colour, however, the removal time will be extended.

How long does it take to cure the Lecenté Create Colour Coat??

30 seconds.

Can I apply Glitters, Powders, Foils etc to the Lecenté Colour Coat?

The Lecenté Create Colours have a tacky layer after curing that enables glitters and powders to be applied. However, to apply glitters and powders to the Lecenté Create Rainbow Gel Polishes you will need to apply a thin layer of Base Coat over the top in order to achieve a tacky layer.

For Foils, you will need to wipe away the tacky layer of the colours with IPA and use Stick It! in order to apply Foils.

Can Lecenté Create Colours be mixed to create new shades, marbling and tie-dye designs etc

Yes and without compromise to wear or durability. Please refer to the following guidelines…

  • Colour + colour mix (cure for 30 seconds)
  • Glitter polish + glitter polish (cure for 60 seconds)

Can I add Lecenté Glitters, Powders, Stardusts etc to the Lecenté Create system?

Yes, but the ratio must not exceed 1:5 glitter to Lecenté Create polish, for the creation of nail art paints the ratio must not exceed 1:3 glitter to Create polish.

How long does it take to cure the Rainbow Gels?

60 seconds.

Why do I have to cure the Rainbow Coats for 60 seconds?

The Lecenté Create Rainbow Gel coats are made from a thinner consistency gel to enable easy application on to the nail.

How long does it take to cure the Lecenté Top Coat?

30 seconds.

How will I know what setting to cure the products on?

Each product will have its curing time detailed on the label.

What are the home care guidelines for Lecenté Create?

It is not necessary to use cuticle oil as the Lecenté Create system has an inbuilt ingredient to keep the coating flexible and long-lasting. However, we recommend the use of cuticle oil for moisturising the newly growing nail and surrounding skin.

How long does it take to remove the Lecenté Create Colour Coat?

The Lecenté Create system top coat is filed away completely to keep removal to 20 minutes. The top coat can be left untouched but removal time will increase to 30+ minutes.

How long does it take to remove the Lecenté Create Rainbow Coats?

Each coat takes roughly 2 minutes to remove.

How do I remove the Lecenté Create system?

Lecenté Create should be removed with foil remover wraps and 100% pure acetone. For fast removal, prepare to remove by pushing the cuticle back and breaking the seal on all edges. Gently remove the top coat from the entire surface of the nail using a 240 grit nail file. Saturate the cotton pad on the foil remover wrap with acetone; wrap each finger with the foil remover wrap and twist into position making sure the acetone penetrates the polish, fold the foil over and on top of the nail. Make sure the foil is folded back on top of the nail plate and the pad is in good contact with the nail plate this retains heat and makes for easier removal. Set timer for 20 minutes. Using a twisting motion, pull the wrap and product from the fingernail working on one nail at a time, starting at the nail you wrapped first. Use cuticle tool to gently lift away any product. If any product remains on the nail, apply acetone onto foil wrap and cover again for 5 minutes. Wipe thoroughly with an acetone-soaked wipe to remove any residue. Please note removal times may vary slightly if extra coats of the product are used..

Can cotton wool and foil be used to remove the Lecenté Create system?

Foil remover wraps are developed specifically for the removal of gel polishes. If using cotton wool and foil do not use an excessive amount of cotton wool as the acetone may not penetrate the coating sufficiently.

How do you remove the Lecenté Create Top Coat?

Break the seal at the free edge and gently remove the top coat for complete service removal in 20 minutes using 100% acetone.

How do you remove Lecenté Create that is over enhancements/gel/L&P?

For removal, Lecenté Create will need to be buffed/filed off for the preparation of infilling.

How can removal time be reduced?

For confident techs with high filing skills or who have had efile training, the top coat and colour can be filed off, leaving just the base coat to be soaked off.

How can I remove Lecenté Create from toes?

Same step by steps as for hands.

What do I do if wrinkling occurs?

Wrinkling should not occur unless the colour has been applied too thickly or uneven. In some cases, wrinkling can be removed during the 2nd application of colour or top coat. Keep application thin and even to prevent wrinkling.

What should I do if my Lecenté Create Colours thicken?

  • Colours may appear to thicken in colder weather/atmospheres. Place the bottle in a warm area (not on a direct heat source) and leave for a few minutes before use.
  • Keep bottles away from direct sunlight and direct heat
  • Keep bottle lids tightly sealed

How do I ensure long lasting results when using the Lecenté Create system?

Correct nail preparation and capping are essential for long-lasting results.

  • Remove any existing nail colour from the natural nail using an acetone-based polish
    remover or conditioning acetone and a pad.
  • File nails to desired length and shape using a 240 grit file.
  • Remove any cuticle from the nail plate using the dry method of removal paying particular attention to the eponychium and lateral nail folds. Remove any loose skin or hangnails using nippers.
  • Thoroughly and firmly cleanse the nail plate using IPA or acetone and a pad. Pay particular attention to the cuticle area and the sidewalls. Use a new pad for each hand.
  • Full and thorough capping must be done during each stage of the application.

What does the Lecenté Create Builder Gel do?

The Lecenté Create Builder Gel can be used as an overlay on natural nails to add additional strength or to create enhancements with tips or by sculpting.  

What are the main benefits/features of the Lecenté Create Builder Gel?

  • HEMA/HPMA free formula*   
  • All in one product – no primer or bonder needed  
  • Great for heavy-handed clients 
  • Self-levels 
  • Easy to file and shape 
  • Beautiful clear shiny finish 
  • Soak off solution 

* With the exception of 6 Rainbow Gels, Solid Bond Base and Soak Off Top and Foil Gel.

What is the longevity of Lecenté Create Builder Gel?

Up to 3 weeks before infilling.  

What size is the Lecenté Create Builder bottle?

18ml .

How many services are inside each Builder Gel bottle?

15 approx. (depending on usage and length)  

What is the cost per service?

£63p -£1.07 depending on usage and length

Is the Lecenté Create Builder Gel HEMA free?

Yes it is 100% HEMA/HPMA free.  

How should I apply the Lecenté Create Builder Gel?

The Lecenté Create Builder Gel applies in a similar way to the Lecenté Create system, simply build the stress area for extra strength. Natural nail technicians can use the Builder Gel to offer their clients additional strength as an overlay. However, if you are looking to extend the nail using Lecenté Builder Gel using tips or forms you should only do so if you have had the appropriate training. Full application videos are available at  

Do I have to use the Lecenté Create Base Coat with the Builder Gel?

No base coat is required. 

How long does the Lecenté Create Builder Gel cure in the Lecenté Lamp for?

The Builder Gel should be cured using the low heat mode button – 99 seconds.  

Can you cure the Lecenté Builder Gel in the CND Lamp?

As the CND lamp does not have a low heat button we do not recommend it.  

Can I use the Lecenté Builder Gel with non Lecenté products?

We have not tested the Lecenté Create Builder Gel with other products, we know it works perfectly with Lecenté Create! However, Lecenté builder gel should be compatible with most gel polishes on the professional market.  

Can you infill the Lecenté Create Builder Gel?

Yes! AbsolutelyLecenté Create Builder has been designed to be infilled. We recommend you always infill to save time and product unless the client requests full removal. It should be infilled every 2-3 weeks. 

How do you remove the Lecenté Create Builder Gel?

You must file the gel down to a paper-thin layer using a 180 grit file. Then soak off using the Lecenté removal wraps and acetone for 20 minutes. For full guidelines, we recommend you follow the removal step by steps on  

Can cotton wool and foil be used to remove the Lecenté Create Builder Gel?

Foil remover wraps are developed specifically for the removal of Lecenté Create products. If using cotton wool and foil do not use an excess amount of cotton wool as the acetone may not penetrate the coating sufficiently and removal times may vary