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Why Lecenté

You may be thinking why is Lecenté so different? Here at Lecenté, we are more than just a glitter brand (although our roots come from glitter!). With the Lecenté name comes our promise: to produce products that are made to the highest of standards. We work closely in the manufacturing process to ensure the products you receive are safe and of the highest quality.

As a company, we want to help you maximise your business and nail horizons, which is why you can always be assured that Lecenté products are created specifically for you – the nail professional.

The Importance of Good Ingredients

With Lecenté you can be confident that you are purchasing your supplies from a reputable brand with trusted distributors. All of our products are manufactured with you and your client’s health and safety in mind, along with a passion to create quality, long-lasting products for you to work with.

Glitters, foils, gel polish; research manufacturing and production are all carried out to ensure all of our products are safe and cosmetically approved.

Here are some reasons why Lecenté ranks at the top when it comes to the safety of our products.

  • All of our products have SDS sheets available and ingredients on the packaging – this is proof of quality and that it is fit for purpose. If a product does not have this information then it could invalidate your insurance and reputation.
  • All of our Lecenté Create Colour Coats, Top Coat and Base Coat are HEMA free. Our Rainbow Gels also contain a very safe level of HEMA.
  • We follow ISO 9001/14001. This simply means our products are manufactured and produced to the highest standard.
  • Our Glitters are 100% pure and contain just glitter, no other nasties!
  • All Lecenté products are listed in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal.
  • Lecenté glitters are 95% hypoallergenic due to their complex construction – which means they are very SAFE to use!
  • All of our Create gels are manufactured and bottled in the UK.
  • Lecenté follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), meaning all areas of Lecenté manufacturing is of the highest standards.

Our Environmental Stance

As a professional brand, we fully support manufacturing and using nail products in the most eco-efficient way.

We are continuously working on new ways to make our products more eco-efficient, while still retaining the high standard that Lecenté customers have come to expect from our products. Recently, we released our brand new range of Bioglitters™ – biodegradable alternatives to our regular glitters. These glitters are 87% biodegradable within 28 days and are made from plant-based materials. We are looking to expand this range even more in the future. Furthermore, our Stardust range is made from completely natural ingredients and is fully recyclable.

Our glass Lecenté Create bottles and plastic glitter jars are also recyclable. We have also made steps towards more environmentally friendly packaging for our deliveries, including the move from plastic padded envelopes to 100% recyclable envelopes.

Animal Testing Policy

All Lecenté Glitters, powders, foils and gel polishes are cruelty-free and have not been tested on animals. All of our products are vegan, this now includes all of the brushes currently sold on our website which are all fully synthetic.