Why Lecenté?

You may be thinking why is Lecenté so different? Here at Lecenté, we don’t just ‘make glitter’. Our products are made to the highest of standards and we work closely in the manufacturing process to ensure the products we are making available to nail professionals are safe to use, quality and absolutely fit for purpose.

As a company, we want to help you maximise your business and nail art horizons, which is why you can always be assured that Lecenté products are created specifically for you – the nail professional.

The Science Bit

If you think all glitter is the same – think again!

As nail professionals we all know how important it is to purchase your supplies from reputable brands and distributors. We like to know our products are coming from like minded professional brands who manufacture with your health and safety in mind, along with a passion to create quality products for you to work with. So why do some nail pros not feel the same way about glitter?

Maria Cientanni, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Lecenté, tells us why we should be giving more consideration to where we get our glitter from.

“Glitter for Nail Art is a professional product – just like liquid, powder and gel. Like any other professional beauty product, the way it is manufactured is very important, after all it’s going on a client ‘s nails”

Here, Maria tells us nine reasons to consider where you source your glitter from, and why Lecenté glitter ranks at the top!

  • Cheaper glitters from Non-reputable sources aren’t manufactured to as high a standard as Lecenté – or focused with a nail professional in mind. Lecenté glitter is precision cut so it can eliminate rough edges allowing the nail technician more precision in their work.
  • Our glitters all have MSDS sheets and ingredients on the packaging – this is proof of quality and that it is fit for purpose. If a product does not have this information, it probably isn’t fit for purpose. This could invalidate your insurance, let alone your reputation, should a client have an allergic reaction to any ingredient.
  • Lecenté glitter is 100% PURE, which is rare. Second grade glitters can contain anything – including bacteria! Other nasties can include glass, dangerous metals and cardboard. So rest assured, your health and safety matters to us and Lecenté is nothing but glitter, glitter, glitter!
  • Lecenté glitter is solvent resistant – which means our colour-lock technology stops the colour bleeding or leaching when it comes into contact with a solvent, for example, CND Shellac. Not all glitter has this technology, meaning a manicure that is not up to standard! They don’t fade either!
  • We don’t have phthalates in our glitter as we follow CIPSA guidelines. This simply means that Lecenté glitter removes easier and gentler than others, because the lack of phthalates means no need for severe heat and strong solvents!
  • Lecenté follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), meaning all areas of Lecenté manufacturing is of highest standards. Including:
    • Building and Facilities – All Lecenté products are manufactured and stored in safe, clean buildings free from contaminations
    • Equipment used to create Lecenté is super clean and fit for task
    • Personnel – After years of education, they know how to create the best glitter for you!
    • Raw materials are stored in the right environment so they are in perfect condition for you
    • Production is taken very seriously with strict production controls in place
    • Every glitter is the same due to laboratory controls
    • Labelling – all labels have every piece of information you need about the product
  •  We follow ISO 9001/14001. This simply means our products are manufactured and produced to the highest standard.
  • All Lecenté products are listed in the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal.
  • Lecenté glitters are 95% hypo allergenic due to their complex construction – which means they are very SAFE to use!
  • The ultra fine quality allows you to use it with any system; CND Shellac, Polish, Gel Polish, Acrylic, Fiberglass, Silk and Hard / Soak Off Gels. So you can Sparkle! whichever you choose! (submitted by Jenny Dalgleish Nagorski)

So there you have it, nine reasons to source your nail art glitter from a pro!

Good Working Practices

As a professional brand, we fully support manufacturing and using glitter in the most eco efficient way and would like to issue the following information so you can make more informed choices when using your Lecenté glitters.

Lecenté is a brand for nail professionals only and our users are all fully aware and trained in how to use and dispose of glitter in the most eco friendly way possible.

Good working practises that you can adopt are as follows:

  • Always use disposable tissue on your desk
  • Change the tissue at regular intervals to reduce the amount of glitter getting into the air
  • Always use the Pat and Press method that is endorsed by Lecenté to ensure there is minimal wastage and the glitter goes exactly where you want it to be
  • At the end of the service,  dispose of the tissue into your waste bin
  • Hoover or sweep excess glitter
  • We do not advise getting your glitter wet as it is easiest to remove when dry

Please also note that our Stardust range is manufactured from completely natural ingredients and is fully recyclable.

If you would like to discuss this further or ask any questions about Lecenté glitters please contact Maria Cientanni (maria@lecente.com)

Animal Testing Policy

All Lecenté Glitters & Powders are cruelty free and have not been tested on animals. All of our products are vegan with the exception of our brushes which contain hair from humanely kept Kolinsky Sables that are brushed at regular intervals throughout the year.