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Supporting The Movement Of Nail Tech Elevation

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by Lecente Admin

Supporting the Movement of Nail Tech Elevation  

While watching another ‘voice of events’ unfold yesterday I felt the resounding call for my support at a time of need and proud well wishes to the amazing Team at Nail Tech Org in their movement of celebration creating a National Nail Tech Price Increase Day on the 8th of April.  

This truly is a great day for the professional community to come together and ‘have their moment’ in a time of shared support and togetherness, it has been empowering and pleasurable to watch the nail pros stand up and be proud of their businesses and all for the industry we know and love!  

I wanted to reignite and update a previous blog I wrote because I have awoken to a so many private messages and emails about wanting to find a new brand and of course here at Lecenté, along with amazing products, supporting YOU is what we do best!  

If you are here looking to transition or add Lecenté to your business email who will assign an Educator locally to you, who will assist in building a transition package to suit your needs. 

We may even be able to get one of our Award-Winning Educators to visit your salon or arrange for you to visit their salon for a first hand demonstration of Lecenté Create, it’s benefits and for you to try yourself (location dependent). 

 Transition Kit (SAVING OF 25%!): 

In celebration of National Nail Tech Price Increase Day, we have also put together a special discount to allow you to really elevate your new cost per service – like an additional bonus for all the hard work you have put into calculating your pricing structures!  

Simply use LECENTELOVE at the checkout for 25% off (not valid with any other offer or discount, offer ends 14.04.24).  

But back to your original plea… 

So yes, we’ve all been there when we fall out of love with a system for one reason, or another, and It’s a vicious circle, invest in something else but lose the money on all the original investment. So how can you transition most cost-effectively? 

Firstly, before a new investment in a new brand is made question yourself – WHY are you switching? 

  • What boxes is your system not ticking for you? Affordability, variety, ease, brand support? 
  • Is there anything you can do to make this system work better for you? Don’t switch so hastily if you think you are not getting the right results, reach out to the Brand for support. Switching without exploring this could mean you invest in a new system and simply take the same problem with you. Education is so underestimated, and should be valued by not only you, but your chosen brand! 
  • Does your system work great but just isn’t working for everyone? Remember that’s fine! Every client is different, no one brand will suit all. You could just scale back your collection and add in a secondary system to offer a larger variety for your clients, and a full transition may happen organically. 

So, you’ve answered the above questions, but you’ve decided you are going to switch. What do you do now? 

  • Do your own research. Contact your new potential Brand, and ensure they tick all of your boxes. Discuss starter packages, payment options, Education and transitional support. What one pro values, likes and enjoys does not mean you will too, so it is imperative you decide on your non-negotiables – not what the masses may say.  
  • Begin to ‘excite’ your clients with chats about some new and exciting products you are going to be adding soon. No client will thank you if you suddenly pull the rug from beneath them and get rid of the products they knew and loved. Some clients hate change. But if you involve them in the process and sell the benefits of the products to them, they will transition with ease. You could even hold a ‘NEW IN’ event/offer! 
  • The key word is transition. Do not suddenly stop and use something else. You know your clients, make note of go-to colours that are popular, and you couldn’t be without. Discuss with your new brand your starter package, ensuring some of your go-to colour equivalents are in your new order. 
  • Purchase some sticky dots. Use your old and new system side by side for the transition, pop a dot on shades you know you cannot be without, and when you use any other colour from your old system pop a dot on it. After 4-6 weeks the use of your old Brand will have naturally diminished, and the clients will want the exciting new system because they have been sold all the benefits and you have built the excitement. Bottles with dots on are shades customers want and love, so scan your system for similar shades without dots and sell them. These are your ‘shelf sitters’. Do this every couple of weeks and use this cash to purchase replacement shades from your new Brand while you use up what you have. 
  • Keep an eye on your old Brands’ selling sites. Just because you don’t love them anymore doesn’t mean no one else does. Especially in this financial climate, techs need a helping hand to get a particular shade, and it just may be a shade you do not need anymore. Win Win! You never know someone may want a bundle and your total switch happens much quicker.  

Check out Lecenté’s ‘OUTLET’, new additions are regularly added to make space for all of our new incoming products and we can then help you get more for your cost per service! 

  • Take the Education! You invest your money, even buy the latest collection, but it’s just as important, if not more important, to really delve deep in knowledge of your new Brand and learn how to get the best from it. Otherwise, you will be wasting even more money looking to switch again very soon (and remember Education is tax deductible!). 
  • Finally, get your pricing straight! Your new Brand should be able to assist with your cost per service figures. An exciting new Brand is a perfect time to elevate your prices! No quibbles. A simple £1 increase per service, based on 5 clients a day, 4 days of the week, (4 week month) is £80pcm extra! Don’t be nervous of £1 (or more) increase, we all know everything in life has increased much greater than that! This increase could purchase an entire new release every month (or some updated education!). 

So enjoy YOUR DAY on the 8th! We will be right there with you, admiring and supporting you all in celebration of our beautiful craft! I hope to see an abundant amount of glitter scattered across all those primped and preened digits!  

 You’ve Got This!  

 Theresa Foddering, Lecenté Head Of Education