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Unlocking Success: Why Even Experienced Professionals Should Take a Beginners Course

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by Lecente Admin

Unlocking Success: Why Even Experienced Professionals Should Take a Beginners Course

Why should a long-experienced professional take a beginners course?

With our Enrolment season ending, there is still time to grab our amazing FREE Education offers, but I wanted to take a moment to discuss a question regularly asked to me, “I’ve been doing nails for 20 years, why do I need to train again, I know it all?”

Amazing! You are a long serving nail professional, CONGRATULATIONS! You did it! You have witnessed the rise and fall of the economy, watched brands come and go, faced business hurdles even been there to experience the arrival of social media and soon thrust yourself into being not only a nail pro but a content creator, marketing expert and photographer!

What you may not want to face, (or even realise the value in), that in those years alongside the fore mentioned changes there has been HUGE uptake in nail service demands, new innovations, even new anatomical and scientific discoveries. Updating your knowledge will not only benefit you and enhance your confidence but you will reap the reward of providing an up to date, best practice service for your clients!

I am aware, that searching for courses is a minefield, it’s a saturated market with no standards to be governed by – and you want to spend your money wisely, not waste it. I can only but recommend doing your research, invest your time in looking at the areas of your business you may not have updated for some time, or even at all, or areas and services could do with an injection of knowledge and passion! A course provider should be helpful, confident, and abundantly rich in their knowledge of everything to do with their specialism and how they can help you be the best version of yourself. This should shine through upon contacting the provider.

Beginners Courses

I LOVE A BEGINNER’S COURSE! A beginner needs to know everything right? So those courses should be the biggest, wealthiest hive of information and quality. Emphasis on the word should, I know not all courses are created equal. I can confidently say that all our courses here at Lecenté treat everyone as a beginner because I am well aware that many professionals have been let down by courses they have invested in early in their career, and we wanted to fix that!

The most popular course we deliver is The Complete Natural Nail Specialist. A beginners course! It covers everything you need to know to be a successful nail technician in the current world. It goes right back to basics with solid, factual theory, covering anatomy & chemistry, Manicure, Gel Polish and Builder & Fibre Gel services.

On this course we have seen total beginners to long established professionals, who, I will be honest, arrive with an instant wall up. Zero belief you can teach them anything, that they know it all, it can sometimes be a fight just to get them there in the first place. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing them experience a ‘light bulb moment’ that they have in fact become out of date, using old technique’s and gained some pretty bad habits!

THIS is good education. Elevating every professional and every nail professional who wants to be successful in this industry needs to experience knowledge, confidence, especially these light bulb moments. A knowledgeable, skilled, and current nail professional can command better pricing not to mention better clients!

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Theresa Foddering – Head of Education


You can check our Theresa’s Instagram here – @thenaildresser

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