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5 New Years Eve Step By Step Nail Designs

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by Lecente Admin

5 New Years Eve Step by Step Nail Designs.

Create some gorgeous New Years Eve Nails with these easy to follow Step by Steps. From Champagne Glasses to a Countdown Clock there is something for everyone.


Raise a Glass

Using some of our gorgeous chunky Olympia Multi Glitz glitter this is a super sparkly new years eve design to try. Create a base with Black Magic Gel Polish and then draw out a glass design using White Magic and our Detailing Brushes, apply Matte Top Coat and Cure. Add some Original Top Coat and dab some of the glitter into this and cure, apply Original Top Coat on top of top the glitter to smooth and cure again.


New Years Glass

A fab way to incorporate some iridescent flakes into your design to create these gorgeous new years eve nails. Starting off with a base of Soho Gel Polish, cure and then dab into some Magic Iridescent Flakes. Matte Top Coat your flakes and cure. Using Mirror Chrome Detail Paint and a D4 Brush create the outline of the glass, create the base of the glass by drawing an oval and cure. Using Angelique Gel Polish, lightly shade the inside of the glass on one side and then cure. Use the mirror chrome detail paint to create a small v within the top of the glass to create the illusion of the glass having some drink in it. Use a dotting tool to dot around the glass with the chrome paint and use your brush to pull lines out to create stars, cure. Finish with Top Coat and cure.


The Countdown Clock

The perfect way to countdown into the New Years! Your nail art loving clients will be sure to try this cute design out. Apply Mirror Chrome Detail paint all over to create the base and cure for 60 seconds. Create a large circle with White Magic Gel Polish and cure. Use a dotting tool and D4 brush in the white circle using Black Magic Gel Polish. Do this top, bottom, left and right and using the D4 drag out to a point – repeat this on the outside of the clock. Draw lines where the hours would be and on the outside dot black magic all of the way around the clock and put a line through to connect them to create a chain line effect. Outline the clock with black magic and apply clock hands. You can add some extra details with the the mirror chrome details paint – cure. Apply Top Coat and cure.

Champagne Glass Nails

The perfect NYE Nails! Apply Black Magic and matte top coat. Draw a glass outline using White Magic Gel Polish and then add some Original Top Coat into the glass and then using a Detailing Brush dab in some Fierce Glimente into the glass. Finish with Top Coat.


Toast into the new years with these fun, clinking glasses nails using our glitter gel polish to create that sparkling detail. Apply Black Magic Gel Polish and the base and cure, apply Matte Top Coat and cure. Using Dancing In The Moonlight Gel Polish draw your champagne flutes – one on each side and cure. Using Solar Glitter Gel fill this in as your champagne into your glasses and cure. Add dots of Solar across the nail for some detail and texture, cure. Finish with Original Top Coat and cure.


Which one will you be trying out this for your New Years Nails? Make sure you tag @lovelecente in your fabulous designs.
Creators and Educators!
Cheers! Samantha Deer – @allaboutyouipswich
Countdown Clock & New Years Glass –Elizabeth Barlow – @
Raise a Glass & Champagne Glass – Fie Pedersen