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Lecenté in Paris Sheer Nudes

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by Lecente Admin

Today our Educator Claire Howard will be taking you through how to apply our brand new Lecenté in Paris collection! Follow Claire HERE!

nude nail collection

Autumn brings six new beautiful Lecenté colours 4 of which are semi translucent / sheers Palais-Royal, Odette, Versailles and Montmartre.

These colours are suppose to be sheer/semi translucent, this means they are not for a full coverage colour, they are that beautiful semi translucent healthy nail glow colour which are just amazing for French manicures and a very natural fresh finish to a gel polish. They give an amazing healthy glowing look to the nail.

They are very different to the very pigmented Lecenté Create colours that we have become accustomed to, so when we read one coat coverage on these bottle, yes you can of course still use them as a one coat system but please remember that one coat will have a sheer/semi translucent finish!

But what if we want more colour and depth?

Yes we can do that. By layering up these beautiful sheers we will get a more in depth solid colour.
It is essential to understand that this more in depth solid colour has to be achieved by applying multiple layers maybe 2/3 coats. You will not achieve this effect in the one coat as to do this you would be applying a very thick layer which could cause the following to happen:

-Gel running onto and around the cuticle and surrounding skin a messy application and skin contact which we very much need to avoid.
-Heat Spikes when you cure
-An incomplete cure leaving uncured gel in the center of the nail coating.
-Product touching the skin and uncured product can lead to service breakdown and unhappy customers but most importantly can lead to product allergies. Please remember the products are only designed for nail application.

Versailles One Coat Applied.

Versailles Two Coats Applied.

The Finished Application, Versailles Two Coats with Base and Topcoat To Natural Nails.

I hope this helps with the application of your absolutely stunning new Lecenté Shades which in my opinion are just the best thing ever to land at Lecenté.
My customers adore them both as a sheer and slightly more layered up look.
Experiment practice and enjoy these colours there is so much to Create with them.
Here are a few of my Sets using the New Collection.

Odette Two Coats with a Bright White French Tip.

Palais Royal 2 Coats applied over acrylic nails.

Palais Royal One Coat on Natural nails with French Finish.