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GET THE LOOK | Product Layering

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by Lecente Admin

Got a few Lecenté products lying around but have no idea what to do with them? Sometimes it can feel like the only options are full coverage Glitter or using one Foil at a time, but our products are so versatile that the opportunities for experimenting with new designs are endless!

Layering products is one of our favourite techniques, especially when we combine different types of products, i.e. glitter and foil, chrome and glitter, neon and chrome etc. Playing around with nail tips and seeing what works best for you is the best way to discover a new favourite design, and your clients will be thrilled to have a set of nails unlike any other!

Here are a couple of our favourite sets that have used this technique!

Nails by Emily Geer

This fabulous set by Emily Geer uses our Meringue Iridescent first, with Pearlescent Powder over the top for the most beautiful results!

Nails by Jenny Nagorski

Double Powder action is the way to go! Our Rainbow Powder looks amazing over Neons and brings a whole new dimension to a colourful set.

Nails by Amanda Trivett

This next set uses Chrome over Foil and we love it! All you have to do is dab your foil into the tacky layer, add a layer of Layer It!, cure and then rub in your Chrome powder. Easy as pie!

Nails by Jenny Nagorski

Such a beautiful layered effect of glitter, foils and stamping all together! We absolutely love this beautiful effect, it just adds so much to an otherwise basic nail application, plus it’s super easy! Our Iridescent Glitters work particularly well for layered application.

We’d love to see your layered designs on social media, so be sure to tag us @lovelecente and #lovelecente so we can see your beautiful work!

Love Jordan x