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Say hello to the first ever Lecenté Pro Artiste!

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by Lecente Admin

Nicola Leadbeater of Phoenix Nails & Beauty has become the first to complete all 5 of our Signature Workshop to claim her status as a Lecenté Pro Artiste.

Nicola blitzed her way through all 5 workshops in just 2 weeks and produced some amazing work!

Here Nicola Shares her fantastic results from the workshops as well as her experience of taking part.

nail workshop recommendation lecente pro artiste work



Do you want to become a Lecenté Pro Artiste?

To Join Nicola in becoming a Lecenté Pro Artiste you will need to complete all 5 of our signature workshops.

Custom Blend– Elevate your services by Custom Blending colours. Experience the endless possibilities of colour creation and tailoring your colours for client perfection.

Fine Lines & Detailing- Learn techniques such as brush control and how to load your brushes correctly. Learn to create perfect crisp lines and detail within your work.

Glitters & Pigments- There is only one way to apply glitters and pigments, right? …….Wrong! There are various ways in which glitters and pigments can be used to create an array of different looks and textures in your designs.

Foils & Shimmer Films

Foils and Shimmer Films can be used for so much more than a full cover on a nail. Discover how to think outside the box with these products, and how to get the most eye-catching designs that can be fit in your standard appointment time.

Marble A firm favourite technique that is here to stay, but one technique does not fit all. Learn multiple ways to create this effect and how best to tailor it to suit your design or clients’ requirements.

On completion you will not only be awarded with your new Pro Artiste status but also receive our Pro Artiste watermark to display on your future creations.

Find our list of available Signature Workshops here, you can choose a different Educator each time and get to know the Lecenté Education Team!