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TOP TIPS | Looking After Your Nails This Summer

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by Rich Dean

With summer approaching, clients will be flocking to salons to get their holiday fingers and toes preened. For many, this may be one of only a handful of times they get their nails professionally done and so ensuring they have up to date and appropriate aftercare advice is essential.

You may have had noticed in the past that your nails don’t look as fresh when you have been on holiday or spent a lot of time in the sun and water.

It happens – overexposure of sunlight along with other holiday-related chemicals can affect the longevity or overall look of a manicure – so here are some ways to look after your nails in the sun.

Products containing DEET

Sun protection products including creams and lotions and products such as insect repellents contain a product called DEET, which can be detrimental to your manicure and cause colour to fade or go patchy.

Always remember to wash your hands after applying such products to wash away any excess product lingering that could cause this damage!

Swimming Pools and Spas

If your nails are constantly wet this can also be a factor that causes wear and tear. Not only can water damage your manicure and pedicure but the chemicals in pool and spa’s can affect your nails. Of course – don’t feel like you can’t spend time in the water, just make sure you dry them off after and have your favourite cuticle oil handy to restore and re-hydrate your nails!

Hand Creams and Lotions 

We all know keeping your hands and feet moisturised in the Summer is key. However, some creams and lotions can leave a residue or product build-up near the nails that could affect your gel polish, colour or extensions. Using a non-greasy, lanolin-free cream is the best way to protect your hands and feet.

That’s our 3 Tips to protect your nails for Summer. Don’t forget to tag us in your fabulous nail photos, we’d love to see what you have been creating! @lovelecente #lovelecente

Love Libby x




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