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BIZ TIPS | Nail Art Hacks

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by Rich Dean

Everyone loves a hack and nail art hacks are a nail techs best friend. We are here to make your life easier, use your time and products wisely and to help you give your clients, your best service. Have a read of some of our favourite hacks with the seal of approval from Maria.

Simple Nail Art Is The Best

We love simple nail art, it can look so effective with only using a couple of products. Using a Striping Brush and some Foil you can create some beautiful, on trend abstract nails like Jenny Nagorski.

Maximise Your Time and Use Good Quality Nail Art Tools

Using high quality nail art brushes will help you use your time wisely and create a better quality set of nails. Keep your brushes current and buy tools that can give you a multitude of uses. Our T1 Silicone Nail Art Tool is a great multi tool with 5 interchangeable heads that are stored in the base, perfect for mobile nail techs as well.

Organise and Practice Your Designs

Have everything you need for your client laid out ready to use during their service. This saves your time and theirs and also saves you around rooting around your stuff while trying to create your FAB designs. Practising what the client wants before they arrive can also help with maximising your time, some people will give you a vague idea of what they want others will want a very specific design.

Keeping your Nail Art Current

You can have a look over Instagram and Pinterest for current trends and ideas. A lot of clients will look to you to have some ideas of what to have on their nails, what’s current or what you think will look best. Amanda Trivett is a someone who always has her eye on trends and creating seasonal sets. How gorgeous are these butterfly inspired nails!

Tips On Steadying Your Hands

Maria suggests holding your breath when doing intricate designs, now… we say with caution – don’t hold it and pass out, that’s not the aim of the game. The aim is that it steadies you, and helps you hold your hand still while drawing designs. Beth from our Creative Team suggests using your little or ‘pinky’ finger to anchor your hand, this gives you more control of your thumb and index finger when holding the brush.

Have you got any other nail hacks you like to use? Don’t forget to tag us in all of your beautiful designs, we love seeing them. @lovelecente #lovelecente

Love Libby x

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