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Helping Your Clients To Care About Aftercare

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by Lecente Admin

Talking to your clients about aftercare.

How often are you talking to your clients about aftercare?

Are you confident that your clients know how to care for their nails after their service has been completed?

You may have your aftercare instructions on a leaflet, or in a section on your website, but if you asked your client, would they have read and remembered the information on it? More importantly are they following the advice on it?

Aftercare is as important as the service itself, after all if you had a shiny new car and you took it down a dirt track, scuffed it on a lamp post or ran it out of fuel, your shiny new car won’t be staying very shiny or very functional for very long.

What’s there to talk about?

Jewels Not Tools-We all have clients that are heavy handed or those that think their nails are indestructible. Whilst their nail will withstand many everyday tasks, they aren’t indestructible. Teach your clients the common nail gremlins, things like ring pulls on drinks cans, Sellotape and tapping their nails on hard surfaces.

Gloves-Wearing gloves when washing up, cleaning or gardening will offer your clients protection from chemicals, lifting, chipping and dulling.

Alcohol Gels & Sun Creams-Let your clients know to always remove Alcohol Gels and Sun Creams from the nail plate and underneath the free edge of the nail, by thoroughly wiping after use. This is to prevent dis-colouration and stops these products decreasing the longevity of their manicure.

Filing & Removal-Your clients visit you because you are a professionally trained nail tech, let them know to always return to you for removal or repairs. Clients that start filing their own nails, will break the seal of the free edge and this will often lead to chipping and lifting. Those that opt for home removal, run the risk of causing great damage to their natural nails.

Cuticle Oil-Needs to be applied by your clients at least twice a day, it nourishes the nail and surrounding skin, preventing dehydration and providing strength.

Retail Products

You can also use this opportunity to let your customers purchase products from you, that will help them to maintain their freshly applied nails. Things like cuticle oils and hand-creams. Lecenté Cuticle Oil is a great way to start, if this isn’t a service that you already offer to your clients.

Lecenté Cuticle Oil is a lemongrass scented skin & nail oil with sunflower seed oil, calendula flower oil, jojoba, vitamin E and aloe vera. A non-greasy formula, when used twice a day, it will not only keep the coating flexible – preventing early service breakdown, but will deeply moisturise the nail and surrounding skin, accelerating nail growth and all round improvement of nail and skin health.  Available to purchase at £3.99+VAT with a RRP of £9.95.

So next time you have a client sat in the chair and you are chatting about their weekend or catching up since their last appointment, start making aftercare a part of your conversation. It’s not about berating the client about what they are not doing. It’s taking the opportunity to teach them the reasons behind why, they should invest the time in thinking about making their aftercare a part of their everyday routine, so that it in time it becomes second nature to them.