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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Top 10 Bestsellers

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by Lecente Admin


One thing we get asked all the time here at Lecenté is, “What are your bestsellers?” Well, never fear, because we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 bestselling products so that if you’re just starting out and you want to know what’s hot on the Lecenté list, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you don’t have one of these gorgeous products in your collection already, it may have to sneak its way onto your next order!

Without further ado, here are our top 10 bestselling Lecenté products!

10. Flame Fireworks

The absolute perfect holographic red with dark and lighter tones, our Flame Glitter is just perfect for that super dazzling look! No wonder it’s our bestselling red.

Chunky nail art glitter in multi glitz cut in a pastel pink colour.

9. New York Pink Multi Glitz

Our classic New York Pink comes in many forms but it’s the Multi Glitz that comes out on top! The perfect pastel pink in a chunkier cut is the dreamiest, especially when used in a glitter fade.


8. Chantilly Iridescent

A relative newbie on the scene that’s taken the glitter world by storm, Chantilly is a beautiful white glitter with a chameleon effect. It changes depending on the base but no matter what we still love it! A must-have for mobile nail techs who want to create lots of different looks from one glitter.

Chunky nail art glitter in a multi glitz cut in a gold colour.

7. Sand Multi Glitz

All that glitters really is gold with our Sand Multi Glitz – a gorgeous warm toned gold in a chunkier, multi cut. Your party nails will be ready with this beaut!

Nail art glitter in super holographic in an opulent champagne colour.

6. Champagne Super Holo

One of our most luxurious glitters, Champagne is an opulent gold with more holographic undertones than ever before. It’s a true dazzler and we guarantee you won’t be able to stop staring once your nails hit the light.

5. Spark Fireworks

Sparks are sure to fly with our beautiful Spark Glitter! A muted silver with some serious holo running throughout. It’s a dream come true!

4. Pink Lace Foil

The only Foil to make our top 10 list, but it’s coming in at number 4 so you know it’s a babe! Pink Lace Foil is like the Foil cousin of New York Pink and it’s absolutely perfect. We love using the dabbing technique with it over all shades, especially navy and nude.

Ultra fine nail art glitter in a rose gold.

3. Rose Gold Ultra Fine

Well, it doesn’t look like the rose gold trend is going anywhere fast as our Rose Gold Ultra Fine is number 3 on our list. A classic shade in a classic cut, what’s not to love?

Nail art glitter in super holographic cut in lilac with pink undertones.

2. Fantasy Super Holo

We just knew Fantasy would be on this list! It’s pretty much a universal favourite, with its magical holographic tones and beautiful lilac-pink shade, this one is bound to be loved by your clients too.

Golden White

1. Golden White Iridescent

Pretends to be shocked Golden White takes the cake as our bestselling glitter ever and we’re not surprised! This isn’t just a white glitter, it’s absolutely magic over any base as well as sugared. It never goes out of style!

We hope you enjoyed this list and have some ideas of what glitters to add to your collection!

Love Jordan x