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The Lecenté Education Academy – Part 1

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by Lecente Admin
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Theresa Foddering, Head of Education at Lecenté, talks about the ethos of The Academy and what makes it different, the team and it’s foundations.


Why did you want to teach and lead the Education Programme for Lecenté?

I am very lucky to have had a very long and fruitful career in this industry. I have trained with some of the most talented Educators and Brands, attended countless events and ceremonies, travelled the UK and Internationally, and grown successful businesses of my own. It felt the right time to pass on to the next generation of techs my experience, knowledge, and share this journey with an amazing team for a Brand that has been in my career for 12 of the 21 years so far!


What values do you and the Lecenté Education team share?

Hand-Image-Education-EnrolmentOur goal is to create, educate and elevate – a mindset we have shared and championed from day one.

Our objective is to ‘Be The Standard’ and rewrite the future of our wonderful Industry.

As a team, and Brand, we all share the same passion, ethos, and responsibility to create change.





How did such a NEW Education team thrive during the pandemic? Testimonial-Education-Enrolment.

Our team is relatively ‘new’. The Education department was built in mid-2020.

The pandemic in fact was the catalyst to the team. Lecenté received exponential growth in this time due to the widely recognised support given by the few of us on the initial team.

We provided unlimited support, workshops (free or with minor charge), social media lives, webinars, and simply a shoulder to cry on. THIS has supported and elevated the professionals you see today in the community.

It had not gone unnoticed – the work we were doing, and it has also not been forgotten! It gave us the very foundation of standards that we work upon today, making us a better team, with the aim to continue to provide the same level of support, consistently. Pandemic or no pandemic.

Who are the Educators?

Educator-Location-Map-Enrolment.Every team member is an individual, and encouraged to be unique, not a clone of one another.

Each Educator was selected for their own talents, skills, and individuality. Collectively this makes us a strong force. There is someone for everyone.

 Truthfully, we do not focus on growing profiles or even a profile as a team, it’s not about us, it’s about you, the professional. As a team we are a community, we are stronger together and I believe this to be infectious to the professional community, who then naturally wish to be part of our movement.


Our consistency, continuity, morals, and strive for standards is what gets us recognised, and we are unwilling to deviate from this movement – it’s simply what we believe in.

Everyone in the team has the same goal; To Be The Standard, to change the shape of the industry and elevate the nail professional. Our team does not want to compromise and follow the herd but instead wishes to carve its own path. The pandemic highlighted these passions and made the fight for change stronger. Our team is about quality not quantity, and as Head of Education I would rather have only 5 amazing Educators vs. 50 ‘good’ ones. We currently have 19 Educators spanning the UK, and the team is always growing but its only grows for the right people.

What are your biggest achievements as an Education team?Educator-Student-Photo-Education-Enrolment.

We have received many awards, award nominations and finalist status at Lecenté in the last 18 months, many surrounding the Education department. This is a HUGE achievement, when you consider we have had to adapt to building, growing, and training a team in a time of separation and uncertainty, and in a time of financial crisis for you the working professional.

But our biggest achievement is us. We have remained strong, steady, and continuous – no matter the weather. And it seems the storm is far from over with a new economic crisis upon us, but we, like you are in the same storm, we experience your experiences, I, myself, have already survived a recession many years ago, and I didn’t just survive… I thrived! So, so can you! In fact, I/we welcome challenges. It encourages change, adapting, a new perspective and ultimately, in the end, growth.

What challenges surround Education at the moment?

Educator-Education-EnrolmentOne particular challenge I am personally affected with when leading a team is actually – ‘following the herd’. This is our greatest challenge collectively. We are up against cheap, quick, mass volume, online only courses. As a company we need to remain competitive, but to compete with such styles of ‘education’ we must lower our goals or even morals. Something we refuse to do. So, we remain solid.

To cut such corners to be competitive we wouldn’t need a team, just an abundant amount of content, but this benefits no one. This topic arises in almost every team meeting, how can we convince the pros to invest in themselves and good education not quick cheap fixes? For this I do not know the answer, I really wish I did!

But what we can do is continue to lead by example, continue to provide thorough high-quality education provided by highly skilled and talented educators, who have the same ethics and standards for the nail industry.

What makes the team different?

Lecente-Education-Team-EnrolmentWe may not be the biggest or even perhaps the most well-known nail team out there, but we are without doubt a unique team with impeccable standards.

We are not willing to compromise ourselves just to be seen or to look good, we only want to be the best. Each and every team member brings something individual to the party, everyone is valuable, everyone is an asset. They are real people, everyday professionals, role models, nail specialists and quite simply the best.


Join Theresa for Part 2 of this Blog coming soon where she talks about our courses, the Education portal, and how you can elevate yourself, your services and your reputation with a Lecenté Education.