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by Rich Dean

Whether you’re all about the intricate detail or just happy with full coverage glitter, it’s great to know that you have a set of brushes that you can rely on whenever a client rocks up with a nail art request, tricky or otherwise!

Our brushes are one of our favourite creations – sleek, sparkly and just plain fabulous, we have one for every nail art need (plus they look pretty cute too!). Here’s the low down on each one and what you may use them for.

G1 (Glitter Application) – The OG Lecenté Brush, this is perfect for glitter application and can also be used with liquid and powder and 3D art.

P1 (Powder Application) – Perfect for powder application, the fluffy head allows for maximum coverage and is great to use for excess product removal.

A1 (Angled Brush) – This angled brush is slightly harder in texture and is perfect for one stroke art, French smile line application and detailing, floral elements, targeted glitter application and much more!

D1 (Detailer Brush) – The slightly larger, thicker detailer brush that is perfect for creating show-stopping nail art on longer nails.

D2 (Detailer Brush) – This thinnest, smallest detailer brush is perfect for those tiny, intricate nail art designs on shorter nails and when you want to achieve very thin, skinny lines.

D3 (Detailer Brush) – A brush between D1 and D2, also fantastic for tiny nail art designs.

S1 (Striping Brush) – The thin head of this brush is excellent for striping on shorter nails to achieve perfect, even strokes.

S2 (Striping Brush) – We love the S2 Brush for longer nails to achieve precise, even strokes. This one is smaller in body but longer in length than the S1.

You can shop all these fabulous brushes now, and can find your distributor here: Lecenté Distributors. We’d love to know if there’s any kind of brush you might like to see in the future from Lecenté!


Take a look at our Guide to Charging for some really helpful tips on getting the best for your business.