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6 Halloween Step by Step Nail Designs

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by Lecente Admin

6 Halloween Step by Step Nail Designs.

Are you ready to get spooky with your nail designs this Halloween season? We’ve got you covered with six unique and fun Halloween nail designs to try this autumn!


1. Cute Halloween Ghosts

This design combines the spookiness of Halloween with pretty purple tones. Start with a sparkly base using Purple Silver Metallic Flakes over Create Lazy Sundaes Gel Polish, and create adorable ghosts using Create White Magic and Black Magic Gel Polish for those cute details!


2. Sparkly Pumpkins

Perfect for clients who want an autumn-inspired look without full-on Halloween vibes. Start with a Base of Create Romeo Gel Polish  and then draw a pumpkin shape using Create Marigold Gel Polish and finish with Orange Holographic Glitter for a sparkly effect. Add in some details with Create Black Magic Gel Polish for a finished look.


3. Bloody French Tips

Surprise your clients with a spooky twist on a classic French tip. Start with a base of Create Black Magic Gel Polish and then use the Create Matte Top Coat. Use a dotting tool and Layer It! to create the drips, then add Lecenté Red Chrome for an amazing result.


4. Skeleton Design

Follow Charlotte’s Step By Steps and impress your clients with this intricate and detailed skeleton design. Using Create White Magic Gel Polish to create the face and body. Use a S1 striper to create your outline and Black Magic Gel Polish to add the finishing touches.


5. Ghostly French

A ghostly twist on the classic French design! Start with a base of Black Magic Gel Polish and add some Iridescent Flakes into the inhibition layer for a sparkling effect, and use Create White Magic and Black Magic Gel Polish to create the ghost and detail.


6. Neon Web

Don’t let neon powders be reserved for Summer! Use Lecenté Neon Pigments to create a unique and vibrant Halloween design. Remember to use a non-wipe top coat or wipe before adding the spider web to ensure the neon powder only adheres to the web design.


Which design will you be trying out this Halloween season? Make sure you tag @lovelecente in your Halloween designs.

Creators and Educators!
Cute Ghosts – Fie Pedersen
Sparkly Pumpkins – Kirsty McGeoch
Bloody French TipsClaire Howard
Skeleton Design – Charlotte Nelson @Beyondthenail
Ghostly French –
Kim @ Lillie Beau
Neon Web –Sarah Roberts