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Let’s Get Familiar With Fibre Gel

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by Lecente Admin

Want to know more about the new Lecenté Fibre Gel?

What does it do?

Why do you need it?

Let’s get all your questions answered and find out why the techs who trialled Lecenté Fibre Gel would now be lost without it.


What is it?

Lecenté Create Fibre Gel is a HEMA free soak-able builder and base gel for all nail types, especially weaker nails. Made up of thousands of tiny fibre pieces that interlock over each other to create a super strong nail structure. It can be used in 1-2 layers as a base or to build structure. It’s flexible, self-levelling, in-fillable and lasts 2-3 weeks.

Why do I need it?

Do you have…

A client who just can’t wear gel polish, they return after a few days or a week with chipping or lifting?

A client with weak nails who really wants to grow their own natural nails?

A clients whose natural nails are prone to splits or breakages that often require repairs?

We all want to find a solution for our clients and that means tailoring our service to meet their needs. Sometimes a client needs something a little stronger, more hardwearing, more flexible, sometimes a client needs Fibre Gel.

How will it help my clients?

Fibre Gel offers superior adhesion which will help with those clients prone to lifting.

It’s impact resistant which will help with those clients who are more heavy handed, preventing chipping.

It smooths, so it can help those clients with an uneven nail plate or those that lack structure.

It repairs, you can repair breakages as well as building very short extensions for those with broken corners.

Its flexible, meaning it mimics the natural nail which offers strength, especially helpful for those clients wanting to grow their natural nails.

I already have Lecenté Builder Gel, why do I need this too?

Whilst the Builder Gel is a harder gel making it great for creating those longer extensions, the Fibre Gel offers greater flexibility on the natural nail making it stronger on weaker natural nails. There is no need to replace one for the other they both have their place in your kit and for your individual client’s needs.

Lecenté Fibre Gel is a professional only product, available to purchase from Monday 24th January. Priced at £15.99 in shades Nearly Clear, Milky Pink & Milky White.