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Lecenté Create Milky Pink Fibre Gel

Product code: 5055480722640L092

Lecenté Create Fibre Gel is a HEMA free soak-able builder and base gel for all nail types, especially weaker nails. Stronger, with greater flexibility than standard builder gels due to thousands of tiny fibre pieces that interlock over each other to create a super strong nail structure. Perfect for nail repairs, missing corners of nails, clients who want to grow their nails to a longer length and very small extensions. In a milky pink shade.

From our professional gel nail polish range, for salon professional nail services.

Complete your service with our Moisturising Lotion for hands and feet for a luxury manicure/pedicure experience!

For professional use only

Made in Germany

Product Size: 18ml

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Lecenté Fibre Gel Application


1. Prepare natural nail following our step by step guidelines.
2. Buff natural nail with 240 grit file or 180/240sanding block to remove the surface shine
3. With a nail pad use prep & dehydrate and wait for chalky finish to appear.
4. With minimal product on your brush cap the free edge of the nail with the Fibre Gel.
5. Scrub a thin layer of the Fibre Gel into the nail creating a margin and refraining from getting any product onto the skin.
6. Use your brush to smooth the product down the nail to the free edge.
7. Repeat on all 5 nails before curing on the low heat 99/90 second function of your Lecenté LED lamp.
8. You can then go on to complete your Lecenté Create Gel Polish service.
9. If you are using any other system please wipe the nail service using Finishing Wipe/ IPA and remove the surface shine before beginning your gel polish service.


1. Follow Steps 1-7 of the base only application.
2. Thoroughly cap the free edge of the nail with minimal product on your brush
3. Smooth a layer of fibre gel across the nail.
4. Take a small amount of Fibre gel at the end of your brush and roll the product onto the nail where structure is needed (the product will self-level, however you may tease the Fibre Gel with the tip of the brush to correct your structure).
5. Cure on the low heat setting for 99/90 seconds in the Lecenté Lamp (work on 2 nails at a time and the thumb nail separately).
6. If refinement is required, wipe with a nail pad & finishing wipe & refine, before completing your Gel Polish service or top coating.

* For Fibre Gel beginners or conversion we recommend our Education courses Education Course Types – Lecenté – Professional Nail Art Suppliers

Safety Data Sheet

  • Lecenté Create Milky Pink Fibre Gel


Step By Steps For Lecenté Create

  • Application Step By Steps For Fibre Gel

  • Removal Step By Steps For Fibre Gel


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Lecente fangirl
Great quality and price

Really loving your builder gels. No strong odours, application is easy and quality of the gel is excellent.

Lyndsay Fletcher
Fibre gel

New to lecente currently changing over from another brand so need to replace existing fibre gel absolutely love the milky pink fibre gel very easy to use and I’m having great results only down side is the heat spiking never had this before and finding most clients are getting it even when using the 90sec cure and also finding quite a few air bubbles but still new to using so I’m sure I will be able to work these out x

Hi Lyndsay thank you for taking the time to leave such lovely feedback. If you need any help rectifying the air bubbles please pop a email and we will get one of our educators to contact you with some advice. That's unusual with the heat, usually it only occurs if the client has over filed nails or are damaged/weak in some way. If they experience heat, take the hand out and then put back in and hopefully should be fine :) If you ever need more help just pop us a message any time.

Chelsea Spence
Fibre gel

This product has been brilliant one of the easiest products i have ever used highly recommend using it all the time with cant believe i have just cane across it changes everything!!!!

Hi Chelsea, thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a review. So pleased you love the fibre gel! :-)

Total Game Changer!

This has been on my nails constantly since purchasing. What a game changer. Keeps nails so healthy and strong and such a versatile product. A must in any nail techs collection!

Jean Gaywood
Miracle worker

Create Milky Pink Fibre Gel is an amazing product. My nails have never been so long and strong despite nearly seven weeks of weeding, picking stone and chipping blobs of plaster and cement from a new build. (I was religious wearing gloves and used copious amounts of Cuticle oil). No chips in my Lecente Create nail Polish either. A game changer. Love it.

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