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Easter Egg Nails 3 Ways

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by Lecente Admin

With Easter just around the corner we wanted to share these gorgeous 3 Easter egg inspired designs with you from our Lead Educator Theresa Foddering! Follow the step by steps below to achieve these looks and be sure to tag us on Instagram @lovelecente so we can see your finished results.

Design 1: Creme Egg Wrapper

  1. Apply one coat of Carnaby and cure

2. Apply a layer of Foil Gel and cure

3. Trim excess wrapper and tailor the back edge

4. Lay wrapper on the nail and firmly glide finger over to adhere

5. Trim allowing a small free margin and file off any overhang (file in downward motion not back and forth)

6. Top coat ensuring all edges are entirely sealed and wrapper is encapsulated.

Design 2: Creme Egg Drip

  1. Make a custom blend of Spiced Latte and Black Magic to match a chocolate tone.
  2. Add a dash more black to your chocolate colour mix to darken and draw the centre star using a Lecente D2 Brush

3. Draw oval rings and cure

4. Apply Matte Top Coat and cure

5. Using a mix of Angelique and White Magic Drip on the fondant design

6. Mix Peach Lemonade and Great Scott for the yolk , cure

7. Top Coat fondant for high shine

Design 3: Mini Eggs

  1. Apply What In Carnation & Spring In My Step, half and half and blend. Cure

2. Using a small fan brush dot on Spiced Latte ‘dots’. Cure

3. Finish with Matte Top Coat

We hope you enjoyed learning how to create these Easter designs! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @lovelecente for more inspiration and follow Theresa @thenaildresser for more of her beautiful nails.