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BIZ TIPS – Instagram For Your Nail Business

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by Rich Dean

Often the last thing you want to do after finishing a set of nails is to post it up on Instagram but you have just produced an amazing set of gorgeous nails, why not show the whole world how fab you are? It might just work in your favour…

Take a look at my 5 tips for Instagram to increase your following and showcase your skills.

Take clear and well lit pictures

You don’t need a super expensive camera to take a good picture. We take lots of pictures here with our phones at Lecenté, just make sure you have a clean lens and take your photo in a bright light, you can get some really good free apps as well to edit your pictures in. We love Snapseed, you can make your image appear brighter and clearer just using your phone.

TOP TIP: If you are taking a hand picture make sure the background is clean and clear as to not conflict with the picture. A white background showcasing all of your hard work is the best outcome!


Use hashtags that are relevant to your work and switch them up

Just created a new on trend set of chrome nails? Hashtag it!. Spend some time researching hashtags for your images and see what sort of hits they are getting. I would say you want a mixture of different hashtags some that have a lower reach and some that are really popular and less specific. So for example a lower reach/more specific hashtag might be #nailfoils or #goldnailpowder and a popular/less specific hashtag could be #nailsofinstagram or #nailsonfleek

Stay on trend

Easter is coming up – speckled foil nails and pastel nails are always a winner! Summer Festivals around the corner – bright, fun designs will grab peoples attention. Again use hash tags to your advantage and get involved with the seasonal posts floating around, people may be searching for #holidaynails and find your amazing summer set you have just created.

Use your location tags when posting

If you own a nail salon in Sussex, use Sussex as your location. People may be looking for nail salons or nail techs in their area, Instagram has a places search option and if you type in ‘nails’ for example it will give you salons in your area. People may even just be searching a place hashtag like #london or #londonsalons or even #londonnails and stumble across a picture of your handy work.

Post Regularly

By posting regularly you can grow your page, it’s important you post frequently and consistently. This keeps people interested in your content, your brand and even your personality Let that shine through! You could even have your own hashtag so clients can tag your work or people can find you easier something simple like #anniesbeautybar can be really effective in keeping your Instagram on brand. Use insta-stories to keep your followers up to date with your day and to promote new pictures on your main feed.

So there are my 5 tips for your Nail Business on Instagram, Don’t forget to tag us in your fabulous nail photos, we’d love to see what you have been creating! @lovelecente #lovelecente

Love Libby xx





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