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New In! Foils

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by Lecente Admin

Six brand new Foils have landed on the Lecenté website and they are absolutely gorgeous if we do say so ourselves! These bright, holographic Foils are sure to be a hit now in the Summer and leading up to the Winter. Let’s get to know each one a little better…

turquoise floral foil

Turquoise Floral – A turquoise blue holographic foil with large over laying flowers on a repeat pattern. 

Silver waves foil nail

Silver Waves – A holographic silver foil with a wave effect. 

red holo lines nail art foil

Red Holographic Lines – An even lined pronounced pattern in holographic red 

purple kaleidoscope nail art foil

Purple Kaleidoscope – multi coloured metallic foil that is predominately purple in appearance. Colours fade  into the next, Plum to bronze to purple to blue to green to gold to orange. 

lime green holo lines nail art foil

Lime Green Holographic Lines – An even lined pronounced pattern in holographic lime 

bronze mermaid nail art foil

Bronze Mermaid – A summer bronze holographic mermaid scale pattern foil that when twisted in the light gives hues of the rainbow. 

We can’t wait to see your amazing designs with these foils! Let us know your favourites on our social media and don’t forget to tag us in your creations @lovelecente