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Behind The Scenes – The Express Yourself Collection

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by Lecente Admin

About Ellie!

Hey! My name is Ellie, and I am the Social Media Coordinator and Photographer here at Lecenté. Part of my job is planning the Campaigns for our new gel collections. Our most recent campaign for the Express Yourself Collection was one of my favourites yet, and I am going to take you behind the scenes to showcase how we made this campaign happen.

The Location

girls wearing gel polish from lecente

The first step in planning a photoshoot is deciding on a location which matches the collection theme. For this collection, we needed bright coloured backgrounds, bold patterns, and fun props that would make the photos pop. After some research we found the perfect location: Sun Pier House – a local community funded art space which is located near our HQ. The space is filled with beautiful murals and street art which were painted by local artists, and after a visit, we knew it was the perfect spot.

The Models

Next, we had to cast perfect models. I cast for all our photoshoots via an open call on social media to find real people to feature in the campaign. As always, I looked for people who embody our brand’s personality and the image we wanted to portray- fun, playful, confident, and diverse. Once we had our models, I had to find the perfect outfits and accessories for them to wear. We needed outfits which were summery and colourful, which would complement the gel collection shades without overpowering them. I scoured online clothing stores and checked out charity shops alongside reusing clothes from past campaigns to find clothes that would fit our aesthetic. I then made sure that each outfit reflected the personality of the model who would be wearing it that and matched the gel polish they had been assigned. This helped me to create a cohesive look for our campaign.

girl has long bright coloured gel polish from lecente

The Nails

Next, I needed to source the nails for the shoot. One of our talented Lecenté Creators, Sophie Donaldson (Sophie’s Cosy Corner) created the sets of press on nails for our campaign shoot. Her creativity and attention to detail are amazing and her sets of nails were

behind the scenes of the express yourself collection - sophies cosy corner

colourful, playful, and perfectly complemented the vibe of The Express Yourself Collection. With Sophie on set to apply the nails, the press on nails looked just as good as professionally done gel nails and made our models look and feel beautiful. We are so grateful for Sophie’s hard work on the Campaign nails as they showcased the colours beautifully.

The day of the shoot arrived, and we were all set to go. We arrived on set greeted by rain (typical England style!). However, we were fortunate that most of the outdoor spaces at Sun Pier House were under cover so we could still use them as planned. To ensure that I capture all the content needed – I always make an in-depth shoot plan, shot list and time schedule for each campaign to ensure we get the perfect shots and videos that represent the collection, and no time is wasted. The content was planned to a T- from choosing Tik Tok sounds in advance, to creating mood boards, to a tick list of poses for each shade. I ensured that everything was clear for all involved to make the day run smoothly.

In addition to showcasing the new gels, our campaign was all about personality and individuality, which is why we wanted to make sure our models had fun and showed off their personalities. We wanted them to be comfortable and confident on camera. I always focus on capturing close up assets of each colour to use on our socials and website first, and then I can focus on capturing more fun group shots and videos to set the tone of the campaign. After a full day of shooting, we finally had the perfect shots, and our shoot vision was complete.


The process of planning a campaign photoshoot can be daunting at first, but with a clear vision and a detailed plan, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. With careful planning and creative thinking, we created a campaign that beautifully represents Lecenté and its collection. From finding the perfect location and models to picking out the right outfits and props, every detail matters.

pink gel colour polish from lecente

For our Express Yourself Collection photoshoot, the hard work paid off, and we are so glad that everyone loved the new gels, and we hope you have enjoyed finding out more about how we plan our campaigns! If you would like to see more from this campaign and others head over to our Instagram @lovelecente. 

If you would like to see more fab nails from Sophie you can follow her here @sophiescosycorner

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