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Turquoise Iridescent Nail Glitter

Product code: 5055480711255

Create stunning glitter nail designs with this dusty blue translucent nail glitter, with navy and turquoise undertones.

A part of our Iridescent Glitters, Turquoise Iridescent Nail Glitter changes colour depending on what base it is placed over.

Apply on to the tacky layer of gel nail polish, encapsulate in acrylic or hard gel, mix with Smooth It! and much more.

Product Weight: 7g

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    How to Apply Iridescent Glitter

    1. Perform P.E.P.
    2. Apply Gel Polish Base Coat and cure
    3. Apply your gel polish colour and cure – repeat if desired
    4. Using the Lecenté™ G1 Brush pat and press the glitter firmly onto the colour coat
    5. If you are using a gel polish which does not leave a high tack then you can apply a thin layer of base coat over your colour, cure and apply glitter
    6. Once you have fully covered your nail (or chosen areas), pat the glitter and dust off excess to ensure glitter sits flat and there is no excess glitter
    7. Seal the glitter with your gel polish top coat, cure and finish

    Safety Data Sheet

    • Lecenté Turquoise Iridescent Glitter



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