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Red Apple Iridescent Nail Glitter

Product code: 5055480717677U100

Create the ultimate red nail designs with this gorgeous orange red iridescent nail art glitter.

Red apple glitter has golden under tones and it’s tone will change over different base colours and will suit all skin tones.

Apply on to the tacky layer of gel nail polish, encapsulate in acrylic or hard gel, mix with Smooth It! and much more.

Product Weight: 8g

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    How to Apply Iridescent Glitter

    Step By Steps For Iridescent Glitter

    1. Perform a manicure and prepare the natural nail for gel polish application.
    2. Following manufacturer’s instructions, carry out your gel polish service to the point of application of colour coat and cure.
    3. Using a Lecenté G1 or P1 brush pick up some iridescent glitter onto your brush before patting and pressing onto your inhibition layer of gel polish. (use P1 brush where the inhibition layer of Gel Polish is less tacky, the G1 brush is perfect for high tack finish Gel Polish and for glitter fades)
    4. If you are using a Gel Polish that does not leave a high tack finish you can use a thin layer of Base Coat or Foil Gel after your colour coat to apply glitter.
    5. Use your brush to gently sweep any excess glitter from the nail plate.
    6. Thoroughly Cap and seal the glitter with your chosen Lecenté Top Coat before curing.
    7. Thoroughly cleanse using a lint free nail wipe/pad and Lecenté Finishing Wipe.

    Iridescent glitters are really versatile changing colour/tone depending on the base Gel Polish colour, try different base colours to achieve many finishes from each iridescent glitter.

    Safety Data Sheet

    • Lecenté Red Apple Iridescent Glitter


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Samantha Deenajeet
    True Red Is Genuinely True

    Love this because it is a true red, which I have been seeking out for a while. The iridescence is not too over the top so the red shows through properly. I bought a different brand where the glitter wasn't even iridescent, yet there was an extreme rainbow finish. It was so strong you could barely see what the main colour was. I can't use them so they were a mistake.

    This Apple Red and Bright Red (not iridescent) are the two best shades I have found so far. Dark, burgundy, wine type reds do not suit me and are my least favourite. Apple Red as the name suggests does not fall into that category.

    One thing I have noticed is the accuracy of colour description in nail polishes, glitters and makeup being quite poor. Colours are received that in reality look nothing like they do online, which is understandable because of the lack of photo accuracy, but also because they are poorly described. Lecente provides a nail swatch picture for most of the colours which is essential. Its accurate enough not to mislead people into buying the wrong colours. I recommend this for true red lovers. Ideally, I'd like it to be a little more red and a titchy bit less orange (I mean very, very slightly), then it would be perfect.

    The range is well priced and the product comes in a descent pot size. I find them easy to use and gives a really nice finish and I am not a nail tech at all.

    Lecente is my go to company and I have already decided on other colours that I want.

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