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Primary Yellow Pigment Nail Powder

Product code: 5055480727713U593

Primary Yellow Pigment Powder is a must-have addition to your nail art kit!  It is a pure flat, highly pigmented matte powder. This vibrant shade is perfect for creating bold and eye-catching looks that are sure to turn heads. Mix it with other shades to create your own personalized color combinations.  

Whether you want to achieve full coverage or add a touch of creativity to your nail art designs, this powder is the perfect tool to elevate your nail art designs.  

IMPORTANT: This pigment powder is highly pigmented with colour and can stain surfaces. Please take extra care when using these powders and ensure surfaces / lamps etc. are covered for protection e.g. kitchen towel, couch roll or a dark towel.

Product weight: 3g

For lots of nail inspo and tutorials: Head to our Insta!


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    How To Apply Lecenté Nail Shadows

    Lecenté Powders Step by Steps

    1. Perform a manicure and prepare the natural nail for gel polish application.
    2. Apply Base Coat following Base Coat step-by-step
    3. Apply 1-2 coats of colour following Gel Polish step-by-step. (For Neon Powders we recommend using White Magic or a bright similar colour.)
    4. Using your P1 Brush or Sponge Tool pick up a small amount of powder, then working backwards from the free edge, gently pat and press the powder onto the inhibition layer of your gel polish ensuring there is enough product on the brush/sponge tool so that only the product makes contact with the inhibition layer.
    5. Be sure to keep the free edge free of powder.
    6. Remove any excess powder by very lightly dusting with your brush
    7. You may double layer your powders by applying a coat of clear gel polish (Base Coat or Foil Gel) and repeating steps 4-6.
    8. Apply your Top Coat using a floating motion so as not to disturb the powder.
    9. Top Coat twice ensuring you thoroughly encase the powder and cap at the free edge
    10. Finish by wiping with Lecenté Finishing Wipe

    Safety Data Sheet

    • Primary Yellow Pigment Nail Powder


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