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Glass Slipper Chrome Nail Powder

Product code: 5055480725597U568

Create a glassy blue chrome finish on your manicures with this beautiful powder.

This chrome is perfect for creating on trend glazed manicures, ‘the glazed donut’ and glazed French with a soft blue finish.

Beautiful paired up with Blue Skies from The Pretty in Pastel Collection shown in example on index finger.

Use with Layer It! for a chrome finish but these chrome powders also look gorgeous patted over gel polish for a more shimmery finish. 

From our extensive range of speciality chrome powders which create show stopping nail designs with a chrome effect finish.

Product Weight 1g

For lots of nail inspo and tutorials: Head to our Insta!



£14.99 £7.50

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    How To Apply Lecenté Chrome Nail Powder

    Step By Steps Chrome Nail Powders
    1. Perform your prep and apply Lecenté Create Base Coat and Lecenté Colour Gel Polish of your choice following our gel polish step-by-step guidelines.
    2. Apply a thin layer of Lecenté™ Layer It! ensuring all areas of the nail are covered paying particular attention to the side walls and cure for 60 seconds in the Lecenté lamp.
    3. Pick up a small amount of chrome powder using chrome applicator wand (A little goes a long way!)
    4. Gently apply to your cured Layer It! starting at the free edge and working your way back towards the cuticle area.
    5. Once you have fully covered your nail, using a lint free wipe, gently buff the nail to give it that chrome shine, gently remove any excess using your p1 brush.
    6. Apply Top Coat – it is imperative to get this right. Floating your top coat to avoid disturbing the chrome layer, ensure the nail is fully covered including side walls and paying particular attention to capping the free edge – and cure for 30-60 seconds in the Lecenté lamp depending on the Top Coat used.
    7. Cleanse the nail using a lint free wipe and Lecenté finishing wipe.

    If you are using Lecenté Layer It with another gel polish system, we recommend you fully finish your service including Top Coat before applying Layer It! Remove the inhibition layer from the Top Coat and the shine using a buffer. Then you can apply Lecenté Layer It! and your chosen Chrome using the above steps from Step 2.

    Safety Data Sheet

    • Glass Slipper Chrome Nail Powder


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    £14.99 £7.50

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