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Glacier Glimenté Nail Glitter

Product code: 5055480717936U214

Glacier Glimenté Nail Glitter is a sophisticated iridescent nail art powder with predominantly silver and gold elements with an underlying multi-coloured holographic glitter.

Glacier is perfect for Summer and Winter months over light and dark colours and can create unique finishes for manicures.

The Glimenté glitters are a bespoke product to Lecenté and are a unique fusion of holographic glitter and pigment which vary in sizes and finishes.

The pigment in Glimenté glitters gives a gorgeous full coverage colour and the holographic element gives you that Lecenté sparkle.

You can apply directly on to cured gel polish, mix with Liquid & Powder, encapsulate in Builder Gel and much more!

We recommend applying with the P1 Powder Brush.

Product Weight: 5.5g

For lots of nail inspo and tutorials: Head to our Insta!

£6.95 £3.48

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    How to Apply Glimenté

    Step By Steps For Glimenté Nail Glitter

    • Perform a manicure and prepare the natural nail for gel polish application.
    • Following manufacturer’s instructions, carry out your gel polish service to the point of application of colour coat and cure.
    • Stir your pot of Glimenté nail glitter to ensure an even distribution of glitter pieces.
    • Using a Lecenté P1 brush pick up some Glimenté Nail Glitter onto your brush before patting and pressing onto your inhibition layer of gel polish
    • If you are using a Gel Polish that does not leave a high tack finish you can use a thin layer of Base Coat or Foil Gel after your colour coat to apply the Glimenté Nail Glitter.
    • Use your brush to gently sweep any excess Glimenté from the nail plate.
    • Thoroughly Cap and seal the glitter with your chosen Lecenté Top Coat before curing paying particular attention to the free edge.
    • Thoroughly cleanse using a lint free nail wipe/pad and Lecenté Finishing Wipe.

    Safety Data Sheet

    • Lecenté Glacier Glimenté Glitter Dust


    £6.95 £3.48

    To use Payl8r, please spend more than £50

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