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Desire · Create · Innovate
Although Lecenté was founded in 2011, the story of our sparkling company starts far earlier. As a professional nail technician, Maria Cientanni was tired of using low-quality glitters that would fade or bleed over time. When an ice skating accident left her arm broken and unable to work for six months, she decided that it was time for a change. And so, the idea for Lecenté was born in her conservatory.
With Maria’s creativity, she recruited her brother Ged Cientanni to help with the business side of things and help turn her dream into a reality.
In the same year, Lecenté partnered with award-winning distributor Sweet Squared Ltd who lovingly represented the company in the UK and helped propel the brand into the professional nail industry. Over time, Lecenté grew even further afield to become the international brand that it is today, with wonderful distributors in over 20 countries.
It wasn’t long before Lecenté became a trusted name in the professional nail art world, producing a collection of stunning, premium products, allowing the nail professional to explore endless possibilities when it comes to designs.
Through Sweet Squared, Lecenté was also able to offer an exciting education programme, recruiting educators in the UK and internationally to spread the passion f0r nail art. Lecenté has remained dedicated to empowering the nail technician through creativity, showing how nail art can make somebody feel amazing.
The glitter was what started it all, but since then nothing has been off limits – chrome, ombré powders, brushes and more have been added to Lecenté’s extensive product line, with even more in development every single day. Lecenté are dedicated to putting style over trend, meaning that new colours and product ideas are produced through listening to customer demands and showcasing what looks fantastic.
Now, in 2018, Lecenté are pioneers for international nail art supplies, showing how big ideas can come from small places and the nail industry is always one to be watched.

Meet The Founders

Desire · Create · Innovate


Co Founder Ged Cientanni always had big dreams of owning a company, wanting to follow in the footsteps of some of his family members. He knew he had the skill to run a business efficiently, and the passion to build an empire – when big sister Maria offered him the opportunity to partner up, it all clicked into place.
“When Maria offered me the opportunity to start a business, I couldn’t say yes quick enough, I had always aspired to be my own boss one day. I had no experience in the industry, instead bringing my management and business skills to the table, but I soon learnt that the nail industry is exciting, fast moving and filled with brilliantly talented people. It’s an honour to be part of such a fantastic industry”



Industry Innovator of the year 2015, Co Founder and creative director Maria Cientanni has been in the nail industry for over 20 years, and after years of practicing nails, educating and loving the industry Maria set her sights on creating a nail art brand that would excite clients and nail pros alike.
“I have worked with many products in my time, none of which truly inspired me. I wanted to create a brand that not only offered premium products of the highest standards, but a brand that would inspire the nail pro to maximize their business opportunities through innovation. My brother and business partner Ged and myself got to work, and after many sleepless nights, in 2011 Lecenté was born”