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Robyn Gardner



Robyn knew from being a young girl that she wanted to be in the beauty industry, from as young as 6 years old she would paint her families’ nails including her father’s much to his dismay.

As soon as she left school, she went straight to college to train in all areas of beauty and has since been in the industry for over 12years, 10 of those running her own business.

Robyn has also been an educator within the nail and beauty industry for 8years.

Robyn says “I have been so blessed with amazing educators and teachers throughout my industry career, I love that I can now pass on my passion and knowledge to others! Watching that ‘lightbulb moment’ when everything clicks into place and a student gets it, is the most amazing thing to watch.

I’m so thrilled to be able to join the Lecenté team and continue to support and guide students through their nail career journey.


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