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Luisa Ansell



Luisa entered the nail industry in 2016, as a mature student and after time out to raise a family. She runs a thriving salon/studio?? from her home and has successfully built her business through social media and reputation. She prides herself in bringing the very best in knowledge, skill and products to her clients. With a firm belief that getting the right education is essential, she looks forward to helping her future students get the most out of their career.

Luisa, whose speciality is hand painted nail art, says “Lecenté products were introduced to me from day one of my nail journey and have always been my go-to for achieving the best results. My love for the brand and my ever-expanding collection, goes hand in hand with my

love for the company ethics and all it stands for. You will never get less than 110% from Lecenté. When the opportunity came to represent the brand and become a Lecenté Educator, I gave it my all and grabbed it with both hands. I am so excited to be able to pass on everything I have learned to my future students, from nail knowledge to product science, building a business and staying focused on your goals. Helping others to achieve and succeed in the industry and giving them the best possible start, is literally a dream come true.


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