V-Day is fast approaching and whether you celebrate it or not, there’s no denying that there’s always a good excuse to have glitter on your nails, especially if you’re a fan of red and pink vibes! We’ve collected some of our favourite glitters that are just perfect for Valentine’s to help you decide the next time you’re placing and order or getting your nails done!

Nail art glitter in iridescent pink with gold undertones.

Girlfriend Pink

If there ever was a perfect Valentine’s glitter it’s this one, and not just because of the name! This gorgeous and vibrant pink glitter with a gold undertone is just magical. Plus it changes colour, yay! If you can convince your partner to wear Boyfriend Blue at the same time, you’ll be a perfect match!

Mica pigment nail glitter dust in a shimmering white with red undertones.

Red Ruby Stardust

Not your typical colour, but our Red Ruby Stardust is a joy! This gorgeous pigmented powder glitter is white with red undertones, for those of you who fancy something a little bit more subtle but secretly love Valentine’s Day!

Nail art glitter in an iridescent strawberry pink colour.

Candy Pink

Another gorgeous bright pink, we get all the candy hearts vibes from this shade. It’s pretty sweet!

Ultra fine, micro cut nail art glitter in a cherry pink with red undertones

Cherry Bomb

A real firecracker! Cherry Bomb Fireworks is cutest light red with a touch of holo. We think it deserves all the love because it’s such an underrated glitter.

Nail art glitter in super holographic cut in lilac with pink undertones.


A classic favourite for all year, not just Valentine’s Day, but we can’t resist a chance to shout it out. Fantasy is the most beautiful lilac-pink with ultimate holographic sparkle! You won’t be able to resist looking at your nails when they hit the light – guaranteed.

Nail art glitter dust in Pink


We can’t forget this perfectly pink Glimenté! A mix of pigment and holographic glitter, Charmed is great for those of you who want something a little bit different.

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Love Jordan xx





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