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Lecenté Nail Art Online Workshops


Lecenté Nail Art Online Workshops to help you learn, skill up or just introduce yourself to some fabulous nail art ideas by our best nail techs! All of the classes that are available are in the drop down box. Please find all of the information you need below in the downloadable PDF, that is relevant to your course.


If you need to cancel your place on a course and wish to receive a refund, please make sure you contact us at – giving 24 hours notice.

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  • What You Will Need For Your Kit

    Emily Geer – Neon Jungle

    Learn how to create stunning designs using freehand nail art techniques to achieve the stunning abstract & animal print looks

    23rd February 7.30pm

    You will need:
    Lecenté Create: Carried A Watermelon \ Phone Home \ White Magic \ Black Magic \ West End Glitter Gel (optional) \ Original Top Coat \ Matte Top Coat \ Glitter/Stardust: Sand Ultra Fine OR Solar Stardust (if not using Glitter Gel) \ Tools & Equipment \ Brushes S1 & D2/D3 \ Dotting Tool (optional) \ Lecenté Lamp \ lint free wipes \ nail pops x5 \ IPA or Lecenté Finishing Wipe \ mixing palette

    Jenny Nagorski – Combination Nail Art

    Learn how to use your favourite Lecente products to the Max. Combining different product and techniques, for a bespoke look to wow your clients.

    24th February 8pm & 4th March 2pm

    You will need: Topcoats (Matte & Shiny) \ Base Coat \ Create: Black Magic \ White Magic \ Mint to be \ Harvest Moon \ Breakfast Club \ Carnaby \  Knightsbridge \ Glitters: Chantilly \ Blue Bonnet Super Holo \ Majestic Super Holo \ Champagne Super Holo \ Chrome: Red \ Purple \ Blue \ Rainbow. Foils: Rainbow Shimmer \ Bright Gold \ Clearly Oilslick \ Black. Glimente: Feirce \ Delirious \ Nail Shadows: Spring Green \ Lemon Yellow \ Papaya Orange \ Fuchsia Pink \ Tools: D2 \ Dotting Tool \ S1 \ G1 \ IPA \ Lint Free Wipes \ palette \ scissors to cut foil

    Aimee Wynne – Sugaring

    Learn how to include texture a definition to your nails with Sugaring – From adding small details to being the centre of attention, it all possible. You can also use up your old formula Layer It!

    25th February 2pm

    You will need:
    Tools: Lamp \ Nail pops/tips \ Dotting tools \ S1 brush \ D3 brush \ G1 brush \ Wipes \ Finishing wipe \ C.R.E.A.T.E: Top coat \ Matte Top coat \ Base coat \  Layer it – New Or Old \ A selection of colours – I used; Create Amour \ Eggnog \ Easy As Pie \ White Magic \ Mint To Be \ Sweater Weather (optional) \ Squeeze The Day \ Let Them Eat Cake \ Lazy Sundaes \ Knightsbridge \ Don’t Trifle With Me \ Nail Art: Clear Glitter Powder \ Golden White Micro \ Clear Acrylic powder (any brand)

    Amanda Trivett – Pinocchio 

    Join our Disney Nail Art Queen for this fun workshop where you will learn how to create Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket

    Saturday 27th February 10.30am 

    Lecenté Create: Matte top coatTop coat \ White magic \ Black magic \ Notting hill \ Bakerloo \ Breakfast club \ Easy as pie \ Mint to Be \ Carnaby \ Great Scott \ Portobello  \ Squeeze the day 

    Tips to work on (stiletto are best)  \ D2 brushLint free wipesIPA  \ Palette 

    Jenny Nagorski – Stamping & Lecente

    Learn how to create beautiful Nail Designs using stamping techniques & all your favourite
    Lecente products

    Saturday 27th February 2pm

    You will need:
    Top (matte & Shiny) \ Base Coat \ Layer it \ Create Colours of choice \ Glitters of choice \ Chromes of choice \ Foils of choice \ A selection of stamping polishes including black and white
    A selection of your favourite stamping plates \ Stamper \ Scraper \ Acetone & IPA \ Nail wipes \D2
    chrome applicators \ G1 \ P1

    Abigail Haneman – Crazy Chromes

    Learn to create these eye-catching designs using different methods of chromes

    1st March 2pm

    You will need:
    Black Magic \ White Magic \ Carnaby \ Sweater Weather \ Hygge Hugs \ Matte Top Coat \Top Coat \Layer it Red/Blue/Green/Purple chromes \ Dotting tool \ S1 brush \ G1 brush \ Mixing palette \ Finishing Wipes \ Lint free pads \ Lecenté Lamp

    Laura Peat – Simple swirls

    In this workshop learn about composition of the nail design and how to draw and shape
    basic swirls beautiful enough to accent any nail!

    2nd March 7.30pm

    You will need:
    Nail tips \ Tip holder and blue tack \ Selection of create colours of your choice including create glitter for accent detail \ Create black magic \ Top coat \ Lecente S1 striper brush \ Mixing palette
    Lint free wipes \ Gel finishing wipe

    Tina Bull – Sunflowers & Daisies

    Create beautiful Sunflowers by mixing the create colours and layering petals. I will show you
    how to create a simple daisy and to also get that sugared effect to make the daisy pop!

    2nd March 12.30pm

    You will need:
    Lecenté lamp \ Lecenté finishing wipe or 99%IPA \ Brushes – D3 or D2, S1 \ Dust brush
    Lecenté Clear Glitter Powder \ Palette or foil to mix colours on \ Top Coat \ Matte Top Coat
    Create colours – Soho \ Black Magic \ White Magic \ Bisou \ Squeeze The Day \ Who You Gonna Call? \ Fall In Love \ Twist & Shout \ Nail pops \ Lint free wipes

    Claire Howard – Unicorn Magic

    Create gorgeous magical unicorn inspired nails with Claire.

    3rd March 7.30pm

    You will need:
    Lecente Create Amor \ Lazy sundaes \ Squeeze the day \ Mint to be \ Easy as pie \ Let them eat cake \ White magic \ Top coat \ Matte Top coat \ Layer it \ Foil gel.
    Meringue iridescent glitter \ Pearlescent chrome – can use another chrome \ Clearly oil slick/opalescent foil \ S2 or s1 striper brush \ G1 brush or flat gel brush \ Dotting tool \ D2 detailer brush \ Lamp \ Wipes \ Nail pops \ Nail cleanser \ Gloves \ Mixing palette

    Amanda Trivett – Toy Story

    Join our Disney Nail Art Queen for this fun workshop where you will learn how to create Toy Story favourites Woody and Buzz!

    Thursday 4th March 10.00am 

    Lecenté Create: Matte top coatTop coatWhite magicBlack magic \ Harvest moon \ Carnaby \ Notting HillBakerloo Mint to Be Great Scott  \ Breakfast clubEasy as pie \ Who you gonna call Portobello \ Don’t trifle with me

    Tips to work on (stiletto are best)D2 brushLint free wipes \ IPA \ Palette 

    Michelle Clancy – Midnight Florals

    Learn how to custom blend Create colours and design beautiful Midnight Florals

    5th March 7.30pm

    You will need:
    Lecenté Create colours: Soho \ Fall in Love \ Sweater Weather \ Don’t Trifle With Me \ Portobello
    Lazy Sundaes \ Phone Home \ White Magic \ Black Magic \ Base Coat \ Top Coat \ Matte Top Coat
    Brushes – S1 & D2 \ Nail Prep & Dehydrator \ Finishing Wipe \ Lint free pads \ Couch roll

    Amanda Trivett – Lilo & Stitch

    A fun filled workshop where you will learn how to create Lilo & Stitch characters!

    Saturday 6th March 10.30am 

    Lecenté Create: Matte top coatTop coatWhite magicBlack magicEasy as pie \ Breakfast Club \ Sweater Weather \ Knightsbridge \ Portobello \ Don’t trifle with me \ Lazy sundaes \ Squeeze the dayGreat ScottCarnabyBakerloo \ Notting Hill 

    Tips to work on (stiletto are best)D2 brushLint free wipesIPA \ Palette

    Antonia Catalano – Spring Textures

    Step into Spring with a mix of textures and techniques to wow your clients!

    9th March 7.30pm

    You will need:
    You can use whatever colours you like but you do need a light base, I have used the following: Lecente Create: Bisou \ Carried A Watermelon \ Don’t Trifle With Me \ Knightsbridge \Easy As Pie
    Phone Home \ White Magic* \ Matte Top Coat \ Lecente Clear Glitter Powder or Fine White/Iridescent Glitter \ D2 or small detailing brush \ S1 or striper brush, some form of scoop to apply Clear Powder/glitter \ Dusting brush \ Dotting tool \ Lecente Nail Prep & Dehydrator or IPA
    An old brush for use in IPA (do not use a lovely new brush!) \ Nail tips to work on \ Lint free nail wipes \ Lamp \ Mixing palette \ Dappen dish.

    *If not using Lecente Create White Magic then can use Lecente Layer It in old or new

    Sarah Roberts – Vintage Florals

    Learn to create four beautiful Vintage Floral designs, using the NEW Floral Garden foils, and
    a variety of techniques including Hand Painting and Embossing

    9th March 7.30pm

    You will need:
    Lecenté Lamp \ Nail Wipes \ Tips to work on \ D2 Brush \ S1 Brush \ Lecente Create – Bisou
    Don’t Trifle With Me \ Blanche \ Top Coat \ Matte Top Coat z Foil Gel \ Lecente Finishing Wipe or IPA \ Dotting Tool \ Blossom Foil \ Floral Foil \ Clearly Oil Slick Foil \ Pink Lace Foil \ Scissors

    Nina Nicholson – Camouflage Designs

    In this workshop you will learn how to create Camouflage nail designs, and fine line work.
    Also, how to incorporate foil and sugaring techniques into the designs.

    12th March 7.30pm

    You will need:
    Create Colours: Notting Hill \ Black Magic \ Blanche \ Bakerloo \ Who You Gonna Call \ Soho
    Glitter & Foil: Bright Gold foil \ Clear glitter powder \ Equipment:, S1 brush \ Dotting Tool \X5 Nail tips \ Lecenté lamp \ Nail wipes \ Lecenté finishing wipe \ Top coat \  Matte Top coat \ Foil Gel \ Mixing palette

    Amanda Trivett – Tangled 

    A fun filled workshop where you will learn how to create Rapunzel & Pascal the chameleon from the film Tangled!

    Saturday 13th March 10.30am

    You will need:
    Tips to work on (stiletto are best) \ D2 brush \ Lint free wipes \ IPA \ Palette
    Create: Matte top coat \ Top coat \ White magic \ Black magic \ Notting hill \ Bakerloo \ Don’t trifle with me \ Portobello \ Who you gonna call \ Breakfast club \ Easy as pie \ Carnaby \ Great Scott \ Squeeze the day \ Indian summer \ Let them eat cake \ Lazy sundaes \ Spiced latte
    Knightsbridge \ Mint to be

    Kimberley Reid – Nautical Nails

    Learn how to freehand these intricate versatile designs using your S1 brush, Marbling ocean
    effect, foil details and striping tape.

    13th March 7.30pm

    You will need:
    Selection of colours: Soho \ Carnaby \ White magic \ Easy as pie \ Rain on my parade \ Base Coat
    Top Coat \ Matte Top Coat z Brushes: S1, A1. \ Gold or silver studs from Lecenté (optional)
    Gold striping tape from Lecenté (optional) \ Small scissors or nippers \ Dotting tools \ Lint free Wipes \ Finishing wipe solution \ Lecente lamp

    Set up on a table with a towel and some couch roll/kitchen roll, Tips have a few set up to
    hand in a tip holder stand stuck on with blue tack, Pen & paper in case you want to take


    What You Will Need For Your Kit


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