We have a brand new product, to make life easier for gel polish nail artists; a foil gel.

This foil gel is perfect for creating full coverage foil nail art designs. Nail techs do not need to avoid complex foil designs anymore, this foil gel provides a simple solution which gives a smooth surface once cured which foils can be applied perfectly on to.

Lecente Create Foil Gel

A new addition to the Lecenté Create system, our Foil Gel is perfect for creating full coverage Foil looks over Lecenté Create Colours. Simply cure in the Lecenté Lamp for 2 minutes then apply your Foil for perfect results every time.

When to use Foil Gel?

A simple solution to gaining full coverage foil nail, perfect for gel polish uses. Foil Gel works really well for patterned or more detailed foils.

When to use Stick It! ?

Stick it! is great for natural nail techs and for sticking glitter to nail polish, it also works really great on top of acrylic and for dib dabbing foils to give a more precise foil application.


Take a look at our video on how to use the *NEW* Foil Gel.


We can’t wait to see your new foil creations, don’t forget to tag us @lovelecente