Worried about using Chrome or Neon powders? You do not need to worry with Lecenté and here is  why…

Lecenté Chrome Powders

  • When we use the term ‘chrome’ it is in relation to the shiny ‘chrome effect’ finish you can create by polishing the powder into the nail
  • Ours are in no way made of chrome nor do they have a ‘mirror’ look – they give a ‘chrome effect’ finish
  • All Lecenté chrome effect powders are made from mica powder, with the exception of silver chrome which contains Silver Ag (fully compliant too!)
  • Metallic based mirror powders are prohibited in the EU – mica powders are not
  • We have not released ‘mirror’ based chrome powders for this reason

Lecenté Neon Effect Powders

  • They certainly look neon but in fact ours are a neon EFFECT
  • We use the term ‘neon’ purely for its colour tone
  • The bright pigment used gives the appearance of a neon colour
  • They are not an exact neon because they can’t be – these would not meet current cosmetic laws within the EU
  • Lecenté Neons are a mix of finely milled cosmetic colours to create the effect of neon colouring

Lecenté only uses ingredients which are cosmetically approved in-line with EU regulations, including our neon and chrome effect powders.

All of our products meet requirements and are approved and held on file with the CPNP and full MSDS sheets are available at www.lecente.com

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