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Laura Peat



Laura Peat Educator Laura Peat Educator

Laura has been in the industry since 2004 and prides herself with having trained with some of the top nail techs in the industry over the years. She is a shape and structure geek and has a passion for anything extreme and of course glittery… if it has not got glitter is it really worth it?!

Laura says “Everyone is on their own nail journey, but it is important to keep our education current. The industry is constantly changing and evolving so sometimes it is nice to take things right back to basics. This is how we become great at what we do.”

She has been a Lecenté lover since 2014 after buying her first pot of glitter and since then she was hooked.  So, having the chance to become an educator for them was a fantastic opportunity she could not let pass by.

“Educating means making a difference to someone’s career and helping them progress and grow in confidence and this is what it’s all about.  So, let’s get your story started and we will all sparkle together…”

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