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We are so excited to introduce a brand new GET THE LOOK! Deal. Each season we will be creating some gorgeous designs with our products, which will all be able to buy for a discounted price in a bundle so you can recreate the look for yourself.

This month, we wanted to do something festive, of course! Combining Soho Gel Polish with North Star Foil, Stick It!, Rose Gold Striping Tape and Champagne Super Holo, we’ve created these gorgeous designs to give you some inspo this Christmas. Here are the step by steps for each tip!

Design Number 1

  1. Apply one coat of Soho then wipe with IPA on a lint-free pad.
  2. Apply Rose Gold Striping Tape down the middle and vertically across the nail.
  3. Apply top coat and cure for 30 seconds.
  4. Mix top coat with Champagne Super Holo and paint on the bow using a D2 brush.
  5. Cure in the lamp for 30 seconds.
  6. Apply top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

Design Number 2

  1. Apply one coat of Soho then wipe with IPA on a lint-free pad.
  2. Apply Stick It! and wait to go completely clear.
  3. Apply North Star Foil.
  4. Apply a thin layer of base coat.
  5. Tap on Champagne Super Holo using a G1 Brush.
  6. Cure for 30 seconds.
  7. Apply top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

Design Number 3

  1. Apply one coat of Soho then wipe with IPA on a lint-free pad.
  2. Using the Create brush, making the horizontal line using Soho.
  3. Apply Champagne Super Holo to the band.
  4. Apply Rose Gold Striping Tape to the nail and cut to size.
  5. Apply top coat and cure for 30 seconds.

The bundle is available to buy now, both with and without the Create gel polish.

Wow what a crazy couple of months it has been! We have loved releasing our new gel system and we have been blown away with the amount of amazing looks we have had created for us. Here are some of our favourite looks using the new Lecenté Create…

Classic glitter and gel combo from Amanda Trivett using the new Covent Garden Gel Polish and our classic Goddess Multi Glitz.


Gorgeous foil use with Soho Gel Polish, dib dab foils using Burnt Orange and Pine Shimmer Nail Foil.

Nails by Theresa Foddering at the Naildresser, creating a lovely Ombré Effect with Glitter detailing. Products used Indian Summer, Cloud 9 Rainbow Gels and Golden White Micro-Iridescent Glitter.

Rose Quartz effect nails, depth and colour giving the most magical look by Emily Geer,  using Lecenté White Magic Colour Gel Polish, Cloud 9 & Rain On My Parade Rainbow Gel Polish with Rose Gold foil.

Create your own custom grey blend by using Black and White Magic Gel Polish, this gorgeous set by Emily Geer is finished with our Bright Silver Foil.

Out of this world Galaxy Inspired Nails created by layering gel polish, glitter and foil. Products used are Soho Gel Polish, Sapphire Multi Glitz Holographic and Clearly Oil Slick Foil.

The most Autumnal nails using Knightsbridge and Bakerloo Gel Polish and stamping to give this classic tartan pattern.

Don’t forget to tag us in all of your gorgeous work, we love seeing your creations, find us at @lovelecente.

London’s Calling!

Lecenté are proud to release their first full colour collection launch for the Create system. Featuring 8 brand new, one coat colour gel polishes, all named after iconic London locations to honour Lecenté’s British roots. Featuring classic greys, nudes and reds, this collection features the staple shades for the cooler season.

Take a look at each one here…


A gorgeous natural nude gel polish with pink and brown undertones, ombré together with Notting Hill.


Covent Garden

A neutral light grey gel polish, pair with Soho for an ultra-modern French.



A classic, timeless cherry maroon gel polish that can be marbled with Portobello.



The darkest navy blue gel polish works perfect with Bakerloo.


A bright red gel polish, pair with Covent Garden for a retro 80’s vibe.

Notting Hill

A natural latte coloured nude gel polish that can be blended with Portobello.

Oxford Circus

A dark slate grey gel polish that works with every other colour in the Lecenté Winter collection.


A light ice cream pink gel polish perfect on its own or with Oxford Circus.


Our new collection is available to Shop Now, you can also buy the complete Winter London Edit and receive all 8 new colours for the price of 7!

With spooky season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to be getting creative with your nail art, especially for the clients that just love themed nails! Halloween is the perfect opportunity to use up some more interesting colours you have in your collection that may be shelf-sitters during the rest of the year, like oranges, blacks and greens. We’ve seen some amazing nail art inspiration across social media lately using Lecenté, so we thought we’d share our favourites with you now!

Hopefully these will give you some ideas of unique and magical nails that you can wow your clients with, just in time for trick or treating.

Nails by Jenny Nagorski @jenski2008

Products Used: Black Magic Gel Polish, White Magic Gel Polish, Neon Effect Powders

Nails by @diamond_nail_design

Products Used: Black Holographic Glitter

Nails by @thenaildresser

Products Used: Tangerine Iridescent


Nails by @fiepedersendk

Products Used: Pumpkin Iridescent

Nails by @fiepedersendk

Products Used: Fairytale Super Holo Multi Glitz, Fantasy Super Holo Multi Glitz.

Let us know which design is your favourite and be sure to tag us and the original nail artist if you take any inspiration so we can see your wonderful designs! x

You can also find our latest Halloween tutorial over on our Youtube Channel:

As part of launching our brand new, exciting gel polish – Lecenté Create – our lovely ambassadors are running 4 hour workshops up and down the country to help you get the most of our new system.

Not only will attendees learn the required techniques for the application and removal of Lecenté Create, but they will also benefit from a unique segment specific to each ambassador and their expertise.

We also have workshops with our Creative Director Maria Cientanni and Partners Amanda Trivett and Emily Geer!

What Will I Need…
Lecenté Create Top Coat
Lecenté Create Base Coat
Lecenté Create Rainbow Gel Polish x 1
Lecenté Removal Wraps
Lecenté Create Colour Gel Polish x1

Pure Acetone
240 Grit File
Cuticle Tool
Colour Pops
Lint Free Wipes

Please come with bare nails. No model needed.

Book your place on one of these workshops here!

We are thrilled to reveal, after three years in the making, a gel polish system like no other.

Lecenté Create has been developed with a chemist to design a unique product manufactured in the UK that is set to create waves within the nail industry.

Launching with 6 Rainbow Gel Polishes, in true Lecenté style! Read more about these fabulous gels below:

Rainbow Gel Polishes

Cloud 9 – A dusky pink with magical holographic rainbow undertones.

Steal Your Thunder – A dazzling stormy silver gel polish with beautiful holographic tones running through.

Indian Summer – The perfect shade of gold with holographic undertones that dazzle in the light.

Rain On My Parade – A deep blue with holographic undertones.

Twilight Zone – A magnificent royal purple with holographic rainbow undertones.

Over the Rainbow – A bright, girly pink with holographic undertones.

Available to shop now to Pro Plus customers (upgrade your account in your settings).

Shop the complete Lecenté Create Collection Now

It’s that time of year again! Time for another big Lecenté Launch! This Autumn, we’re introducing six new Multi Glitz glitters (including some fabulous stars and hearts shapes within!) and four new boho-inspired patterned foils. Let’s take a closer look!

Multi Glitz Glitters

Darling – A girly pastel pink glitter with multi-sized particles, with pale blue and white undertones.

Bombshell – A fabulous glitter mix of mauve and gold glitter particles and gold stars.

Sweetheart – A bright pink glitter in a multi glitz cut with iridescent pieces, with hearts and stars shapes.


Angel – An iridescent white multi glitz with blue undertones and hearts and stars shapes.

Dollface – A purple toned blue multi glitz with turquoise undertones and hearts and stars shapes.

Love Bug – A beautiful coral red multi glitz with iridescent pieces and hearts and stars shapes. With gold and orange undertones.


Gypsy – A beautiful red foil with a boho floral pattern in light green.

Free Spirit – A pale blue patterned floral foil with pink and orange designs.

Bohemian – A dark navy blue boho floral patterned nail art foil.

Flower Child – A pretty pink patterned foil with swirls and florals, perfect for the boho look.

Our Autumn Collection will be available to shop on September 28th! We will also be at Olympia Beauty on Stand D55, so be sure to come and visit us for some fantastic surprises and show deals. We can’t wait to see all your beautiful designs!

Shop the Autumn Multi Glitz Now

Shop the Autumn Nail Foil Now 

Created by the wonderful Fie Pedersen, these beautiful East Glitter Dandelion Nails combine some great line work with of course – our super sparkly glitter.

You can grab some of the products Fie used below…

Fantasy Super Holographic Multi Glitz Glitter
Lecenté D2 Nail Art Brush

We hope you love this design and be sure to tag us @lovelecente and Fie @fiepedersendk so we can see your recreations!




If you loved this video, check out some more of Fie’s creations here.

Say hello to the newest addition to our nail art collection – the Lecenté Striping Tapes.

Available now in different colours, widths and textures for a multitude of looks. We can’t wait to see what fabulous nails you all come up with!

Take a look at this application video to see how we use it…

You can shop our new striping tapes here. Don’t forget to tag us in all of your gorgeous work, we love seeing your creations, find us at @lovelecente.

Love Libby x




If you liked this video, take a look at another one of our techniques – product layering.

It’s no secret that Smooth It! is an absolute wonder product – it’s amazing for encapsulating glitters, for strengthening the nail and more! But did you know that you can also use it to extend the nail and infill? Today’s video shows you exactly how to, so be sure to give it a watch to find out more!

Love Jordan x




Liked this video? Check out our full Smooth It! Blog Series.

You asked, we listened! Bring it in for the brand new Lecenté Apron!

We know how important it is to sport stylish and practical workwear when you’re in your salon, so we’ve designed our new apron with you in mind. Made from 100% cotton, it’s easy to wash and keep clean. You can also store your brushes and tools in the handy pocket at the front. We decided to go for plain black with our classic white font on the front to give a clean, professional look.

Let us know what other Lecenté merchandise you would like to see in the future!

Love Jordan x

Always wanted to create your own glitter gel but not sure how? The process is simple with Smooth It! Just give our latest tutorial a watch and see how easy it is! We hope you enioy it <3

Love Jordan x




If you enjoyed this post, take a look how we apply a full coverage nail foil look.